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The Berkeley Carroll Upper School is a dynamic, academically challenging, college preparatory school that provides students with an education designed to meet and surpass the demands of the 21st century.

Classes are taught in a discussion-based seminar format to foster critical thinking and intellectual discussion, while also ensuring students' mastery of core academic knowledge and skills. Many courses forge thematic, interdisciplinary connections between programs. At the same time, the program is structured to allow students to pursue their academic interests in depth. By not defining the highest level of learning by an Advanced Placement program, we succeed in offering a rigorous curriculum that allows each student to pursue his or her disciplinary interests as far as their interest and skill level allow them to go. Our students distinguish themselves through unique programs like Science Research and Design, Senior Scholars, and work in a wide variety of elective offerings from 10th-12th grade. Our expansive and challenging curriculum provides students with breadth, depth, flexibility and a combination of choice and common grade experiences.

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