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Our STEAM program combines STEM and the Arts in a interdisciplinary, integrated, real-world way.



Students in all divisions learn that science isn’t just a body of knowledge — it’s a process, a means of investigating and a tool for interpreting discovery.

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Solutions to 21st century problems won’t come from traditional approaches. Our world needs leaders who are nimble problem-solvers, effective collaborators and ethical thinkers.

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Engineering teaches students to draw on science and technology to make our lives better. Every engineering project begins with empathy. What questions do I need to ask to understand the dimensions of this problem?

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From the field of art and design, students learn to generate ideas quickly, persue the barely imaginable and embrace failure as an indispensable part of the process.

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Math can help us understand and solve problems, and it can also reveal breathtaking beauty and elegance.

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STEAM at Berkeley Carroll

Berkeley Carroll’s STEAM program is focused on offering students exciting opportunities to delve deeply into the intersections of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math and develop skills to solve real-world problems.

A STEAM approach also cultivates a multitude of skills, including collaboration, flexibility, creativity and innovation. And the “A” in STEAM isn’t incidental: from the design process students learn to generate ideas, prototype, expect failure and learn from that failure to create an even better idea.

When we look at the complexity of the global economy, global challenges like climate change, political instability and immigration, and the centrality of technology in modern life, what’s clear is that a traditional education doesn’t provide adequate preparation for success in the 21st century. All of our students -- the future scientists, yes, but also future literary editors, business people, nonprofit directors, educators, and arts administrators – will benefit from mastery of these skills.

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STEAM Space at Lincoln Place

In 2017, Berkeley Carroll opened the Beta Lab, a 2,000-square-foot STEAM space, along with adjacent renovated science labs and a sculpture studio, to build on the school’s substantive STEAM offerings in both the middle and upper school divisions. Students have more space to scale up projects, conduct long-term research, prototype and test inventions, and delve into robotics.

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