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After School Enrichment Courses

After School enrichment at Berkeley Carroll is designed to provide children with enjoyable and educational experiences in the creative arts, the sciences, and athletics.

Courses are developed for a variety of age and interest levels and taught by Berkeley Carroll faculty members as well as other experienced professionals during three sessions: fall, winter, and spring.

Most classes meet once a week, for a period of 8-13 weeks. Times, locations, exact dates of class meetings, and fees are indicated in the course descriptions below. All children in the After School program are escorted from their classrooms to their After School course at the end of the regular school day.

Course Registration

Registration is online ONLY through Veracross and will open on Tuesday, September 3rd at 12:00 pm. Parents will need to log into their Veracross account to access the After School enrichment course registration.

Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Popular courses fill up very quickly after registration begins, so make your plans accordingly. Registration is ongoing until classes are filled. Fall 2019 courses begin September 9th and finish on December 13th.

If you are interested in a class that is already full, please contact Chris Flores at

Mondays - Enrichment Courses


9/9, 9/16, 9/23, 10/7, 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/2 & 12/9

Duckling Swim (PreK4) $540

Instructor: Luci Rosalia
Maximum: 6 students

Our goal is to explore the wonder of the water with games and skills that include water adjustment, breath control, kicking, arm movements and floating. Equipment includes kickboards and noodles. Level I and II.

Gator Swim (K) $540

Instructor: Luci Rosalia
Maximum: 6 students

This class will build on the skills kindergarten swimmers have learned this year in PE. Swimmers will be evaluated and placed into appropriate swim levels for instruction.

Improv Comedy (Grades 2-4) $540

Instructor: Tatum Barnes
Maximum: 12 students

Discover leadership skills through improv! This course is an introduction to improvisational performance for children in grades 2 through 4. We will explore improv comedy games, character exercises and team building to develop flexibility and confidence. Together with our troupe, each member will laugh and learn through structured play. With creative thinking and active listening, students will flex their imagination muscles to the fullest!

Lion Tennis (PreK4-Grade 4) $540

3:15 to 3:50 pm & 3:55 to 4:30 pm (two separate sections)
Instructor: Lawrence Yasner
Maximum: 12 students

Join Lion Tennis and start playing the sport of a lifetime. Students learn the FUNdamental skills of coordination, hitting technique and sportsmanship in a supportive environment. Lion Tennis' specially-designed curriculum uses positive reinforcement and a low student-teacher ratio while having tons of fun! Through weekly progression, children learn to play by emphasizing the ABCs (agility, balance and coordination) of tennis. Students play games utilizing their forehands, backhands, and volleys.

Lawrence is the director of Lion Tennis and has taught Lower School PE and coached tennis at Berkeley Carroll for over 10 years.

Please note, each section of Lion Tennis will meet for 35 minutes. Students in the latter group will go to After School playgroups until their tennis class begins.

Child's Play NY Mini Musical: Pride Rock (PreK4-Grade 1) $540

Instructor: Child's Play NY
Maximum: 12 students

Self-expression and artistry are the name of the game in our Mini Musical program. Kids work in-depth on a specific show and use it’s plot as a springboard for their own mini-plays. Through improvisation and creative movement they flex their imaginative muscles. We then layer on theater technique: Students learn the basics of vocal warm-ups, character development, singing and choreography from our expert teachers. The unique blend of play and performance is realized in a final “sharing” for friends and family. Students get to showcase their abilities as young storytellers, singers and dancers!

Come sing and dance to the rhythm of the pride lands! The savannah comes to life as campers play animals, birds, fish and insects as they work toward an original re-telling of the Lion King! As the "cubs" go on a thrilling quest for the crown they'll learn musical theater skills and practice mask-making and puppetry too.

Tuesdays - Enrichment Courses


9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/5, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26, 12/3 & 12/10

Basketball (Grades 1-4) $630

Instructor: Patrick James
Maximum: 25 students

This program will focus on skills, drills and scrimmages for both beginner and more experienced basketball players.

Bookmaking with Stories Bookshop (PreK4-K) $630

Instructor: Stories Bookshop
Maximum: 12 students

In this class, presented by Stories Bookshop + Storytelling Lab, we’ll explore a range of bookmaking techniques. We’ll get inspired by our favorite picture books, by colors, and the alphabet, accordion books, and bound books, and children will experiment with a range of art supplies and materials to create each of their books. We’ll end the session with a book party for parents and caregivers to celebrate our literary creations.

Creative Journeys (Grades 2-4) $630

Instructor: Nina Gresl
Maximum: 10 students

Creativity is a journey, and everybody should discover their own process! In this course, young artists will learn how artists from the past used their creativity to discover new and unusual ways of making art. Taking inspiration from these pasts artist, we will create our own art pieces by using chance and discovery in our techniques, learning how to make art in different playful and creative ways. Young artists will use a variety of materials and art making methods to go on their own artistic journeys! This course is ideal for any folks who love being creative or who are simply curious about unconventional art making techniques.

MIT Scratch Jr. (Grades 1-2) $630

Instructor: Julie Robinson
Maximum: 12 students

In this class, children will create their own interactive artworks and animations using MIT Scratch, a visual-based programing language. Children will learn basic programming skills and gain confidence in using the computer. Students will be able to explore their creativity while building a strong technical foundation to build on in more advanced programing classes.

MIT Scratch (Grades 3-4) $630

Instructor: Zak Greene
Maximum: 12 students

Students learn to create their own stories, animations, and games using Scratch. Scratch is a platform and online community developed by MIT that is designed to teach kids to write code. Using basic programming concepts like loops and conditionals, students bring their ideas to life and share them with each other. They work independently and with partners, and provide constructive feedback to their classmates. At the end of the course, students may share their projects with their parents and the online Scratch community.

Zak Greene is an independent interaction designer and developer based in New York. He built his first website when we was 10 and has been programming ever since. He likes working with kids because he knows firsthand how learning these skills at an early age can help lead to a fulfilling career later, while still being a lot of fun.

Mythomagic (Grades 1-4) $630

Instructor: Plato Learning
Maximum: 10 students

Based on the Role Playing Game from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series, Mythomagic takes students on a tabletop quest based on their favorite myths and legends. This course is offered in partnership with Plato Learning, whose programs focus intensively on story telling, imaginative play and design thinking.

Wednesdays - Enrichment Courses


9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 12/4 & 12/11

Art Crew (PreK4-Grade 1) $540

Instructor: Ana Alexander
Maximum: 12 students

Come have fun with painting, printmaking and collage! We will make art projects using exciting material like tissue paper, string, watercolors and craypas. We will work on our own projects and on group activities. At the end, we will have an art opening to showcase our beautiful creations. So join Ms. Alexander this fall for a fabulous art adventure!

Capoeira (Grades 1-4) $540

Instructor: Ryan Johnson

Maximum: 20 students

Capoeira is the most fun, dynamic activity you could do! It is played as a partner game where there are two winners in the spirit of competition. The physical aspects promote good balance, strength and flexibility, while the mental aspects encourage improvisation, strategic thinking and progressive achievement.

Capoeira is a great way to stay physically fit, enjoy the learn the music & Portuguese language and celebrate Afro-Brazilian culture. Come and see just how far you can go!

Ceramics (Grades 2-4) $540

Instructor: Phaedra Mastrocola
Maximum: 10 students

Learn to sculpt all kinds of animals using pinch, coil, and slab methods, and various textured applications. Create animal masks, piggy banks, relief tiles, freestanding sculptures, vessels, and more. We will explore the significance of animals in many cultures and use visuals for inspiration in this fun after school course.

Chess (Grades 1-4) $540

Instructor: Bruce Pandolfini
Maximum: 25 students

This course teaches the rules and basics of chess play, stressing critical thinking and techniques that incorporate math/logic skills. Students are taught how to be good winners and losers. More advanced students are taught the principles of logical play, including all three phases of chess (opening, middlegame and endgame). Students are also shown problem-solving methods that can be modified for use in various other areas of higher thinking. The class offers competition as well as instruction. An optional tournament is held each term, and a class champion is named at the end of the scholastic year.

Bruce Pandolfini is the co-founder and co-director of the Manhattan Chess Club, author of many books on chess, teaches and directs chess programs at several independent schools and is highlighted in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer." Bruce was recently named Chess Teacher of the Year.

Duckling Swim (PreK4) $540

Instructor: Luci Rosalia
Maximum: 6 students

Our goal is to explore the wonder of the water with games and skills that include water adjustment, breath control, kicking, arm movements and floating. Equipment includes kickboards and noodles. Level I and II.

Gator Swim (K) $540

Instructor: Luci Rosalia
Maximum: 6 students

This class will build on the skills kindergarten swimmers have learned this year in PE. Swimmers will be evaluated and placed into appropriate swim levels for instruction.

Lego Robotics (Grades 2-4) $540

Instructor: Becky Blumenthal
Maximum: 12 students

In this Lego Robotics course, children will build from a vast collection of standard and specialty Lego pieces, and then they will motorize their creations. The course brings students through the full engineering process for making robotic creations: designing, building and programming, followed by testing and revising. We begin with the Lego WeDo sets, which provide a structured introduction for those who are new to robotics and programming, and then move on to the Mindstorms materials which offer more opportunity for open-ended and complex work. Projects will be guided by students’ interests; examples of past projects include animals, cars, fair rides, mini-golf courses and music boxes.

Soccer (PreK4-Grade 1) $540

Instructor: Roberto Welch
Maximum: 25 students

In a fun, non-competitive environment, this program will focus on improving soccer skills through warm ups, drills and games. Come play soccer with Mr. Welch and make new friends!

Thursdays - Enrichment Courses


9/12, 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31, 11/14, 11/21, 12/5 & 12/12

BC Builders (PreK4-K) $540

Instructor: Andrea Santin
Maximum: 12 students

In this course, students will be presented with fun building challenges. They will make their own designs and build towers, forts, houses, boats, and more. Our BC builders will experiment with cardboard, straws, pipe cleaners, marshmallows, wood, and other recycled materials. These creations will involve the use of tools such as scissors, tape, staplers, and hole punchers. While practicing fine motor skills, builders will work through the creative process, collaborate, take risks, and strengthen their problem solving skills. BC Builders is a course taught by Ms. Santín, Berkeley Carroll's PreK Associate Teacher.

Gymstars (PreK4-Grade 2) $540

Instructor: Ekaterina Sknarina
Maximum: 25 students

Students will encounter action-packed lessons with exciting skills to learn, and movement routines that motivate and challenge! Students will start by warming up with lively music; next they condition with cross mat tumbling (no waiting in lines!). Then our gymnasts are led through an obstacle course of Gymnastic skills as they master the challenges in their paths; all while having TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF FUN!

Knitting (Grades 3-4) $540

Instructor: Lisa Walsh
Maximum: 6 students

This knitting class will focus on the core skills (cast on, cast off, knit and purl, increases and decreases, and reading a basic pattern) with which students can learn to knit almost anything. We will master garter, seed, moss, and stockinette stitches as we complete projects including: a scarf, fingerless mitts, a hat, and an infinity scarf. The instructor, Lisa Walsh, is an experienced teacher and founder of Brooklyn-based handcraft company, Willow Cabin Works NY.

Child's Play NY: Roald Dahl on Stage (Grades 1-4) $540

Instructor: Child's Play NY
Maximum: 12 students

Join us as we explore the wild and wondrous worlds of our favorite children’s author! We rehearse scenes from James and the Giant Peach, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, The Witches, and Matilda and delve into acting technique, comedic timing and character development. Song and spoken-word poetry also by Dahl will augment our rehearsal process.

Stop Motion Animation (Grades 2-4) $540

Instructor: Camille Harrison
Maximum: 12 students

In this course students will learn about how animation came to be and create their very own stop motion animated short film. They will explore animation tools, like Zoetropes and StikBots to get a basic sense of how animation works. They will practice their animation skills by creating flip-book animations. They will also use different apps, such as FeltBoard, Easy Studio, and Stop Motion to bring their story to life. Be ready to take a story, your own or one you adapt, and bring it to life.

In her free time Camille loves to create her own stories, and practice her animation skills using non-traditional materials. She considers herself a maker and tinker who loves to pose problems and trying to figure them out. Stop motion animation is a hobby she wishes she had more time to pursue.

Techniques of Watercolors (Grades K-2) $540

Instructors: Robert Abud and Anna Ramsey
Maximum: 15 students

Techniques of Watercolor will give students the opportunity to dive deeply into the world of watercolor. Through open ended exploration as well as teacher directed art projects, children will gain an understanding of the many ways watercolor can be used in tandem with other mediums. Each week, we will create unique projects combining the world of art and science in exciting ways. Join associate teachers Robert Abud and Anna Ramsey as they share their love of this medium this fall!

Fridays - Enrichment Courses


9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/15, 11/22, 12/6 & 12/13

Chess (PreK4-K) $540

Instructor: Carol Ann Caronia
Maximum: 15 students

This course teaches the rules and basics of chess play, stressing critical thinking and techniques that carry on in math/logic skills. Chess is the “great amalgamator” of early childhood education. Children are taught several valuable lessons each session. The alphabet, numbers, counting, and pattern recognition are all vital in learning to play chess. The course presents moves and rules in a simplified manner and allows for simplified play.

Carol Ann Caronia co-teaches the grades one through four division chess course with Bruce Pandolfini and teaches chess in several area schools. She is the president of Play Chess! Inc.

Game Design (3-4) $540

Instructor: Etienne Hamilton
Maximum: 10 students

In this class we will spend time playing, testing and designing our own card/board games. Together we will explore character creation, card games, game testing, miniature pieces, created using a 3D printer, and construction! Etienne Hamilton is a teacher, and longtime student, at our Creative Arts Program where he teaches Board Game Design and Video Game Design.

Skateboarding (Grades 1-4) $400

Instructor: Roll America
Maximum: 12 students

Whether you already know how to do an 'Ollie' or want to get started with skateboarding, this program is for you. Learn and enjoy the basics through advanced moves on a board. From push-offs to fakies, this safe and awesome program will thrill you. Boards and safety gear are required for this class; Roll America can guide you in your purchase. Please note this course dismisses at 5:00 pm, and the final meeting will be on 11/1.

After School Play Groups


There are two After School playgroups, one for PreK and Kindergarten children and another for Grade 1-4 students. Supervised by experienced group leaders and their assistants, the playgroups provide childcare on school days from 3:15 (dismissal) to 6:15 pm. Games, arts and crafts, outdoor play, homework supervision, and special events are offered.

Drop-In Fees

Drop-In fees for playgroups are $15/hour per child. Families can use this service on a regular or as-needed basis. Last minute requests to have your child attend playgroup should please be emailed to

Children enrolled in an after school course can attend the playgroup at no additional cost until 6:15pm. They will be escorted from the course to the playgroup.

Package Fees

Additionally, parents can purchase packages of playgroup hours during each After School term (fall, winter, spring) based on the number of hours they expect to use. Packages are only valid for the term in which they are purchased, and hours cannot be rolled over to the following term or school year.

Fall Package Fees
200 Hours = $2,000
120 Hours = $1,560
60 hours = $840

Winter Package Fees
130 Hours = $1300
90 Hours = $1,170
45 Hours = $630

Spring Package Fees
140 Hours = $1,400
90 Hours = $1,170
45 Hours = $630

Fees for Late Pick-Up

All parents and caregivers are asked to pick up their children at or before 6:15 pm, when the After School playgroups end. Parents who are late will be billed according to the following fee structure:

6:15-6:30pm $12.50 (for the first 15 minutes)

An additional $15.25 for the next 15 minutes (6:30-6:45pm)

An additional $31.25 for the next 15 minutes (6:45-7:00pm)

An additional $60.00 per half hour (after 7:00pm)

PLEASE NOTE: Fees for late pick-up are not a part of the package fees and are charged separately.

For a quick reference guide of all important After School dates, please click here.

What's Available for Fall 2019


  • Ducking Swim (PreK4)
  • Gator Swim (K)
  • Improv Comedy (2-4)
  • Lion Tennis (PreK4-4)
  • Mini-Musicals "Pride Rock" (PreK4-1)


  • Basketball (1-4)
  • Bookmaking with Stories Bookshop (PreK4-K)
  • Creative Journeys (2-4)
  • MIT Scratch Jr. (1-2)
  • MIT Scratch (3-4)
  • Mythomagic (1-4)


  • Art Crew (PreK4-1)
  • Capoeira (1-4)
  • Ceramics (2-4)
  • Chess (1-4)
  • Duckling Swim (PreK4)
  • Gator Swim (K)
  • Lego Robotics (2-4)
  • Soccer (PreK-1)


  • BC Builders (PreK4-K)
  • Gymstars (PreK4-2)
  • Knitting (3-4)
  • Roald Dahl on Stage (1-4)
  • Stop Motion Animation (2-4)
  • Techniques of Watercolors (K-2)


  • Chess (PreK4-K)
  • Game Design (3-4)
  • Skateboarding (1-4)