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After School Enrichment Courses

After School enrichment at Berkeley Carroll is designed to provide children with enjoyable and educational experiences in the creative arts, the sciences, and athletics.

Courses are developed for a variety of age and interest levels and taught by Berkeley Carroll faculty members as well as other experienced professionals during three sessions: fall, winter, and spring.

Most courses meet once a week, for a period of 8-13 weeks. Times, exact dates of course meetings, and fees are indicated in the course descriptions below. 

Course Registration

Registration for After School is online ONLY through Veracross and registration is expected to open on Wednesday, December 1st at 12:00pm.  Families will need to log into their Veracross account to access the After School enrichment course registration.

Enrichment Courses are filled on a first-come, first served basis.  Popular courses fill up very quickly after registration begins, so please plan accordingly.  Registration is ongoing until Wednesday, December 15th.  Winter 2022 courses begin January 4th and finish on March 11th. 

Please note that due to Covid protocols students cannot participate in both Enrichment and Playgroups on the same day - it is one or the other.  

Please consider, if your child participates in more than one course, the chance of being quarantined for exposure increases. 

If you are interested in a course that is already full, please contact Jessica Garcia at and you will be added to a waitlist.

Please note: Families have until Monday, January 3rd to withdraw from a class and receive a full refund.  If you withdraw after the first class, you will receive a refund for future unattended classes. You will be charged for the class that your student already attended. Any cancellation that happens after the second class is not eligible for a refund. There will be no refunds issued, if there is a substitution of any instructor, but a credit for the next term will be offered if there is an absence of any instructor. If a student misses a class, we will not be able to issue a refund - however, if you student is absent due to a school related quarantine, you will receive a credit for the class(es) missed.  There are no exceptions to this refund policy - please familiarize yourself with our policies before registering your students for courses. 

Courses are subject to cancellation if enrollment is insufficient to support the course. 

After School Playgroups


There are three After School Playgroups - one for PreK and Kindergarten, one for grades 1-2 and another for grades 3-4.  Supervised by experienced group leaders and their assistants, the Playgroups provide childcare on school days from dismissal to 6:00 pm. Games, arts and crafts, outdoor play, homework supervision, and special events are offered. Due to the COVID context, we will not be offering "drop-in" Playgroups as an option.  You must register by September 7th for each day of the week you intend for your child/ren to attend. 

Please note that due to Covid protocols students cannot participate in both Playgroups and Enrichment on the same day - it is one or the other. 

Please consider, if your child participates in more than one group, the chance of being quarantined for exposure increases.

The fee for playgroups is $15 per hour.  You will be charged for the first hour for each date in the session at the time of registration.  Your total payment will cover the first hour for the entire period up until Winter Break.  Additional hours will be billed separately.

Hours are calculated as follows (we do not calculate by the half hour):

                  Grades PK-K                                     Grades 1-4:

     1st Hour: 2:50pm - 3:50pm              1st Hour: 3:15pm - 4:15pm

     2nd Hour: 3:51pm - 4:50pm             2nd Hour: 4:16pm - 5:15pm

     3rd Hour: 4:51pm - 6:00pm              3rd Hour: 5:16pm - 6:00pm

Should be your child be absent from school, due to a school related quarantine, your account will be accredited accordingly - otherwise, the one hour fee is nonrefundable if you student does not attend on a day for which they are registered. 

If you have any questions regarding our playgroups, please contact Jessica Garcia at

What's Available for Winter 2022


  • Gymnastics (PK-K)
  • Soccer (PK-K)
  • The Mystery of Magic (1-2)
  • D.I.Y. Masters (1-2)
  • Chess (1-2)
  • Jewelry & Accessories (3-4)
  • Advanced MIT Scratch (3-4)


  • Bilingual Birdies (PK-K)
  • Bookmaking (1-2)
  • Little Scientists (1-2)
  • Improvaganza (1-2)
  • Capoeira (1-2, 3-4)
  • Hip Hop Dance (3-4)
  • Sculpture (3-4)


  • Animal Art (PK-K)
  • Creative Movement (PK-K)
  • Under the Sea (PK-K)
  • Money Matters (1-2)
  • Soccer (1-2)
  • Drum Fun (1-2)
  • BC Magazine (3-4)
  • Parkour (3-4)
  • Chess (3-4)
  • Graphic Design (3-4)


  • Chess (PK-K)
  • Modern/Hip Hop Dance (1-2)
  • Painting with India Ink (1-2)
  • Capoeira (1-2, 3-4)
  • Budding Entrepreneurs (3-4)
  • Visual Arts Exploration (3-4)
  • Digital Photography (3-4)


  • Little Scientists (PK-K)
  • Gymnastics (1-2)
  • Track & Field (3-4)

For a quick reference guide of all important After School dates, please click here.

After School Terms and Conditions