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After School Enrichment Courses

After School enrichment at Berkeley Carroll is designed to provide children with enjoyable and educational experiences in the creative arts, the sciences, and athletics.

Courses are developed for a variety of age and interest levels and taught by Berkeley Carroll faculty members as well as other experienced professionals during three sessions: fall, winter, and spring.

Most courses meet once a week, for a period of 8-13 weeks. Times, exact dates of course meetings, and fees are indicated in the course descriptions below. 

Course Registration

Course registration for Spring 2024 is online ONLY through Veracross and will open Monday, March 4th at 6pm.  Families will need to log into their Veracross account to access the After School enrichment course registration.

Enrichment Courses are filled on a first-come, first served basis.  Popular courses fill up very quickly after registration begins, so please plan accordingly.  Registration is ongoing until Friday, March 15th at 12pm. Spring 2024 courses begin April 1st and finish May 31st. 

Lower School students enrolled in an after school enrichment course can attend the playgroup at no additional cost until 6:00pm.

If you are interested in a course that is already full, please contact Jessica Nieves at and you will be added to a waitlist. If enough students are interested, there may be an opportunity to add a second section of a class that is full.

After School Playgroups


There are two After School playgroups, one for PreK and Kindergarten children and another for grades 1-4. Supervised by experienced group leaders and their assistants, the playgroups provide childcare on school days from dismissal to 6:00pm. Games, arts and crafts, outdoor play, and other activities are offered. 

Drop-In Fees

Drop-In fees for playgroups are $18/hour per child. Families can use this service on a regular or as-needed basis. Last minute requests to have your child attend playgroup should please be emailed to

Children enrolled in an after school course can attend the playgroup at no additional cost until 6:00pm. They will be escorted from the course to the playgroup.

Package Fees

Additionally, parents can purchase packages of playgroup hours during each After School term (fall, winter, spring) based on the number of hours they expect to use. Packages are only valid for the term in which they are purchased, and hours cannot be rolled over to the following term or school year.

Fall Package Fees
195 Hours = $2,145
130 Hours = $1,690
65 hours = $975

Winter Package Fees
140 Hours = $1,540
90 Hours = $1,170
45 Hours = $675

Spring Package Fees
150 Hours = $1,650
100 Hours = $1,300
50 Hours = $750

Information about purchasing packages will go out to BC families before each term begins.

Fees for Late Pick-Up

All parents and caregivers are asked to pick up their children at or before 6:00pm, when the After School playgroups end. Parents who are late will be billed according to the following fee structure:

6:00-6:15pm $12.50 (for the first 15 minutes)
An additional $15.25 for the next 15 minutes (6:15-6:30pm)
An additional $31.25 for the next 15 minutes (6:30-6:45pm)
An additional $60.00 for each 15 minutes (after 6:45pm)

PLEASE NOTE: Fees for late pick-up are not a part of the package fees and are charged separately.

Private Music Lessons

Berkeley Carroll offers students the chance to learn a new instrument, or hone their skills even more on an instrument in which they already have experience. As part of our After School program, students are able to take part in private lessons in piano and drums. Whether your child is a complete beginner or has been playing for years, our experienced instructors design an individual curriculum that allows students to work at their own pace. Our instructors motivate our students and keep them engaged every step of the way.

Music Lessons are offered each term (fall, winter, spring) and students must enroll for the full term. Students will meet once a week for a total of 10-12 weeks depending on the day. We schedule lessons from 3:15pm - 6pm; therefore, we will do our best to work around what is best for your schedule. Students who have a lesson scheduled later in the afternoon can attend our After School playgroups at no additional charge. Please see below for our rates:

  • Private 30 minute lesson - $72/lesson
  • Private 45 minute lesson - $90/lesson
  • Private 60 minute lesson - $100/lesson

Information about scheduling lessons will go out to BC families before each term begins.

What's Available for Spring 2024



  • Duckling Swim (PK4)
  • Gator Swim (K)
  • Jewelry Making & Weaving (K-1)
  • Junior Detectives (PK4-K)
  • Let's Have a Tea Party (K)
  • Painting & Printing: Visual Arts Workshop (3-4)
  • Digital Photography (3-4)
  • STEM Kids (PK4-1)
  • Story Ballet (PK4-K)
  • Textile Arts (1-2)
  • Track & Field (1-4)
  • Video Editing Adventures (2-4)
  • Woodworking I (2-4)


  • Beginner Chess (1-4)
  • Character Creations (PK4-K)
  • Crocheting (2-4)
  • Drum Fun I (1-4)
  • Gymnastics (PK4-2)
  • Lego Design Thinkers (PK4-1)
  • Make a Musical: Matilda, James & Charlie (1-2)
  • Monsters & Mythology (2-4)
  • Spotlight Stars: Musical Theater & Pop Karaoke (PK4-1)
  • Zine-making (2-4)


  • Acting for the Camera (3-4)
  • Chess Masters (1-4)
  • Duckling Swim (PK4)
  • Fashion Design Fun (2-4)
  • Gator Swim (K)
  • Graphic Novel Creations (2-4)
  • Mindful Art (2-4)
  • MIT Scratch (2-4)
  • Movie Making (3-4)
  • Oodles of Doodles (PK4-K)
  • Soccer (1-4)
  • STEAM Art (PK4-1)
  • Under the Sea (PK4-K)


  • Abada-Capoeira (1-4
  • Broadway Stars (PK4-1)
  • Ceramics: Sculpture in Clay (3-4)
  • Chess Tournament Prep Course (1-4)
  • Confident Communicators (2-4)
  • Graphic Design (3-4)
  • Puppetry (K)
  • Scratch Jr. (K-1)
  • Self-Portraits (PK4-K)
  • Slime & Squishies (1-2)
  • Spy Kids (PK4-K)
  • Tie Dye Madness (1-4)


  • Chess (PK4-K)
  • Digital Animation (3-4)
  • Globetrotters (1-3)
  • Improv (3-4)
  • Jazz & Hip Hop Dance (PK4-K)
  • Music Videos (K-1)
  • Skateboarding (1-4)

Visit our quick reference guide of all important After School dates.

After School Terms and Conditions