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After School

After School Enrichment Courses

After School enrichment at Berkeley Carroll is designed to provide children with enjoyable and educational experiences in the creative arts, the sciences, and athletics.

Courses are developed for a variety of age and interest levels and taught by Berkeley Carroll faculty members as well as other experienced professionals during three sessions: fall, winter, and spring.

Most classes meet once a week, for a period of 8-13 weeks. Times, locations, exact dates of class meetings, and fees are indicated in the course descriptions below. All children in the After School program are escorted from their classrooms to their After School course at the end of the regular school day.

Course Registration

Registration for spring courses is online ONLY through Veracross and will open on Tuesday, March 10th at 12:00pm. Parents will need to log into their Veracross account to access the After School enrichment course registration.

Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Popular courses fill up very quickly after registration begins, so make your plans accordingly. Registration is ongoing until classes are filled. Spring 2020 courses begin March 30th and finish on June 5th.

If you are interested in a class that is already full, please contact Chris Flores at

After School Play Groups


There are two After School playgroups, one for PreK and Kindergarten children and another for Grade 1-4 students. Supervised by experienced group leaders and their assistants, the playgroups provide childcare on school days from 3:15 (dismissal) to 6:15 pm. Games, arts and crafts, outdoor play, homework supervision, and special events are offered.

Drop-In Fees

Drop-In fees for playgroups are $15/hour per child. Families can use this service on a regular or as-needed basis. Last minute requests to have your child attend playgroup should please be emailed to

Children enrolled in an after school course can attend the playgroup at no additional cost until 6:15pm. They will be escorted from the course to the playgroup.

Package Fees

Additionally, parents can purchase packages of playgroup hours during each After School term (fall, winter, spring) based on the number of hours they expect to use. Packages are only valid for the term in which they are purchased, and hours cannot be rolled over to the following term or school year.

Fall Package Fees
200 Hours = $2,000
120 Hours = $1,560
60 hours = $840

Winter Package Fees
130 Hours = $1300
90 Hours = $1,170
45 Hours = $630

Spring Package Fees
140 Hours = $1,400
90 Hours = $1,170
45 Hours = $630

Fees for Late Pick-Up

All parents and caregivers are asked to pick up their children at or before 6:15 pm, when the After School playgroups end. Parents who are late will be billed according to the following fee structure:

6:15-6:30pm $12.50 (for the first 15 minutes)

An additional $15.25 for the next 15 minutes (6:30-6:45pm)

An additional $31.25 for the next 15 minutes (6:45-7:00pm)

An additional $60.00 per half hour (after 7:00pm)

PLEASE NOTE: Fees for late pick-up are not a part of the package fees and are charged separately.

What's Available for Spring 2020


  • Circe's Laboratory (2-4)
  • Ducking Swim (PreK4)
  • Gator Swim (K)
  • Improv Comedy (2-4)
  • Lion Tennis (PreK4-4)
  • Science Explorers (1-3)
  • Snack Art (PreK4-1)


  • Basketball (1-4)
  • Circe's Laboratory (K-1)
  • Picture Book Illustration with Stories Bookshop (PreK4-1)
  • Digital Photography (2-4)
  • Graphic Design (3-4)
  • Heroes in Training (PreK4-2)
  • Textile Arts (1-4)


  • Animal Dissection (3-4)
  • Capoeira (1-4)
  • Ceramics (2-4)
  • Chess (1-4)
  • Duckling Swim (PreK4)
  • Gator Swim (K)
  • Multisports (K-2)
  • Snack Art en Español (PreK-1)
  • Story Ballet (PreK-1)


  • BC Builders (PreK4-K)
  • Gymstars (PreK4-2)
  • Hogwarts School (1-4)
  • Multimedia Art (K-2)
  • Spanish Performance Señor Wooly (3-4)
  • Stop Motion Animation (2-4)
  • Yoga (3-4)


  • Chess (PreK4-K)
  • Let's Move! Bailarines Saltarines (PreK4-1)
  • Harry Potter Club (2-4)
  • Skateboarding (1-4)

For a quick reference guide of all important After School dates, please click here.

After School Terms and Conditions