Brooklyn private independent school

Book Fair Payments

The Lower School Book Fair will be held in the 712 Rec. Room on June 10th and 11th. Students will visit the Book Fair with their classes and parents are welcome to shop before and after school. We will be accepting cash, checks and credit cards. Please make checks payable to Berkeley Carroll.

You can use a credit card in advance to charge a dollar amount that your child will be able to spend at the Berkeley Carroll Book Fair. This service will be available until June 7th.

You can charge any amount you like, however we recommend no more than $50. Here are some rough examples of book prices:

Beginner readers: $4-7
Picture books: $13-18
Paperback chapter books: $7-12
Hardcover chapter books: $13-17
Paperback nonfiction books: $6-10
Hardcover nonfiction books: $17-20

If your child does not use the entire amount you have designated, the remainder (anything over $2) will be credited back to your card. NOTE: If you have multiple children in the LS, please add a separate credit for each child by filling out the form again.

Our credit form has expired but you can still pay day of with a card.