Brooklyn private independent school

College Counseling

Our Philosophy and Goals

The Berkeley Carroll College Office works collaboratively with parents, teachers, deans and advisors to provide informed guidance to our students as they explore options beyond graduation. We encourage a reflective approach, one that cultivates the self-knowledge they need to take ownership and make good choices.

While many of our students go on to attend the most selective colleges in the nation, we believe that it is most important for every student to find schools that "fit" them, schools where they are most likely to meet their full potential, academically and personally. We encourage all students to approach the college search as a learning process, one of discovery, with the goal of enrolling at a school where they will thrive.

One prevalent external measure of success is the ability of high-achieving students to gain admission to the most selective colleges and universities quality colleges and universities. An additional measure is defined by our students’ satisfaction with the process. Done right, the college search and application process begins with self-assessment and the development of a list of colleges that is balanced and well-researched. College admission officers love the diversity of our list because it shows that we don’t shoehorn our students into a narrow range of colleges, and thus applications from our students come across as both thoughtful and authentic.

Typically somewhere between a third and half of a graduating class ventures outside the northeast to attend college, and students from Berkeley Carroll enroll in large state universities, small liberal arts colleges, art schools, conservatories, technical institutes and universities both domestically and abroad.