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Director of Moral Courage Project to Speak at Commencement
Director of Moral Courage Project to Speak at Commencement

We're pleased to announce that this year's commencement speaker will be Irshad Manji, the internationally acclaimed educator, author, filmmaker, and founder/director of the Moral Courage Project!

Based at the University of Southern California, Ms. Manji and her Moral Courage team equip people around the world to do the right thing in the face of their fears.

Ms. Manji has been a visiting scholar at Yale University, NYU, and the European Foundation for Democracy, and was the winner of Oprah's first annual award for "nerve, conviction and boldness."

The acclaimed PBS filmmaker of "Faith Without Fear" and bestselling author of "The Trouble with Islam Today" and "Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom" has also been celebrated by Deepak Chopra as the "New voice of reform, not only for Islam, but for all religions."

Ms. Manji says the mission for all her work is "to help people live with integrity and wholeness, especially those who feel limited by culture, religion, or society." Learn more at