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Students Share Independent Research
Students Share Independent Research

This month, Berkeley Carroll seniors will present the findings of their independent humanities and science research projects over multiple days of presentations. Senior Scholars will present on Wednesday, May 13, and Thursday, May 14, from 6:30-8:30pm. Science Research & Design students will present on Saturday, May 16, from 1:00-3:30pm and on Monday, May 18, from 6:30-8:30pm.

Senior Scholars

Ten Berkeley Carroll Upper School students will present their Senior Scholars projects on Wednesday, May 13, and Thursday, May 14, as the culmination of their year-long, independent research. The sessions will be held on Zoom.

The Senior Scholars program prepares 12th graders to be responsible researchers, inquisitive citizens, and dynamic writers. This selective and demanding program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing serious scholarly work in the humanities. In addition to their oral presentations, students have also written formal papers.

Senior Scholars Presentation Schedule

Session I: Wednesday, May 13, 6:30-8:30pm

Julian A. '20 - Resistance and Revolution: Poetry in the Trump Era
Renata B. '20 - Sometimes Anime IS Better!: LGBT+ Representation in Anime VS American TV
Evie L. '20 - Can Brave New World Save Us from Ourselves? The Activism Factor of Dystopian Literature
Jake P. '20 - Uncle Sam's (Not So) Secret Superpower: The Role of Comic Book Superheroes in the American Propaganda Strategy
Isabella R. '20 - The Rise of Soviet Avant-Garde in Vitebsk

Session II: Thursday, May 14, 6:30-8:30pm

Sarah C. '20 - Equines and Evil: the Horseracing Industry's Hidden Critical Role in Social Injustice
Colette D. '20 - Hysterical Power: The Fox Sisters, Mary Eddy, and Madame Blavatsky Elude the Patriarchy
Jordan H. '20 - The Dangers of Religious Justification: How the Dutch Reformed Church Has Upheld Systems of Oppression in South Africa
Irene M. '20 - Equity or Equality: How Universal is New York City's Pre-K For All Program?
Sierra M.-C. '20 - Assimilation or Eradication: The Creation, Implementation and Reform of American Indian Boarding Schools

Science Research & Design

Eight BC seniors will present the findings of their independent science research at the Science Research & Design Symposium on Monday, May 18 from 6:30pm-8:30pm; three students will present at Multi-School Independent Science Research Conference on Saturday, May 16. The presentations will be held on Zoom.

In the highly selective, three-year Science Research & Design program, 10th-12th grade students conduct original scientific research and become experts in a field of study, writing their own essential questions and gaining a deep understanding of the dynamic, evolving nature of science. The goal of the program is for students to experience scientific research as scientists do.

Science Research & Design Symposium Presentations

Zack A. '20 - Computational Methods in Intelligent Computing
Luca B. '20 - The Effect of Screen Usage on Sleep Quantity of Adolescents
Phoebe D. '20 - The Effects of Music on Stress in Adolescents
Donald M. '20 - Difference in Growth of Romaine Lettuce Plants: Hydroponics vs. Aeroponics
Zoe R. '20 - The Effect of Musical Training on Verbal Memory in Seventh and Eleventh Graders at Berkeley Carroll
Bella S. '20 - Accuracy of Memory Recall and Formation of False Memories in Eyewitness Testimonies
Sophia S. '20 - Emotion Response to Fragrance Smell and Marketing–Using Heart Rate and Self-Reported Questions to Measure Gender Differences in Physiological and Psychological Impact
Hope S. '20 - The Significance of the Dreaming: A Case Study Examining the Dreams of 13 High School Students

Multi-School Independent Science Research Conference

On Saturday, May 16, from 1:00pm - 3:30pm, Berkeley Carroll will host a Multi-School Independent Science Research Conference with student speakers from BC, Riverdale Country School, The Packer Collegiate Institute, and Marymount School of New York sharing their scientific research.

Sophia S. '20 will present during the Keynote Session at 1:00pm. Harry J. '21 and Shreya B. '21 will present at 2:30pm.