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BC's Kitchen Uses Local, Sustainable Ingredients
BC's Kitchen Uses Local, Sustainable Ingredients

The sun-drenched rooftop garden at Lincoln Place is great for growing small produce like radishes, basil, kale and sage, but to feed 980 hungry students each day, the BC kitchen staff must think bigger.

This school year, in an effort decrease food waste, BC's kitchen began ordering Imperfectly Delicious Produce. IDP seeks to cut down on the 40% of U.S. produce that is wasted, often simply because it is a size, color or shape that deviates from the industry standard. The resources that went into growing this food, such as water, oil, chemicals and land, are also wasted -- which hurts the farmer and our planet.

"We order whatever we can to help the farmers and the local companies," says Chef Bridget Donoghue. In addition, BC sources local, RHbG free milk from Ronnybrook Farms, local bread from Tom Cat Bakery in Brooklyn, local pickles from Brooklyn Brine Pickles, and sustainable coffee and fish.