The Berkeley Carroll School


BC Senior Completes Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellowship Art Exhibition

Katrina F. '18 completed her first public art exhibition at New York gallery Envoy Enterprises after being selected as the 2017 Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellow last Spring. A merit-based award for young artists, the fellowship provided an opportunity for Katrina to produce a large-scale sculptural representation of an anthropomorphic coral reef.

Made up of intricately sculpted pieces inspired by human biology, the piece represents the delicate link between endangered coral reefs and human life. To create the sculpture, Katrina practiced technical skill, interviewed coral reef experts, and worked in BC's Beta Lab to build the suspension mechanism required to hang the completed structure.

After the exhibition, Katrina donated her artwork to benefit the Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. fellowship program, with a portion of the charitable proceeds going to an organization committed to protecting coral reefs.