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BC Presents at National Conference
BC Presents at National Conference

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) selected 8 Berkeley Carroll faculty members to lead seminars and workshops at their national 2019 People of Color Conference (POCC) in Seattle, WA, addressing topics on equity and justice in teaching and learning.

With more than 6,000 attendees from 1,800 NAIS member schools, this conference is a flagship of the NAIS's commitment to equity and justice in teaching, learning, and organizational development with the mission of providing a safe space for leadership, professional development and networking for people of color and allies of all backgrounds in independent schools.

This year's theme, "1619. 2019. Before. Beyond. Amplifying Our Intelligence to Liberate, Co-create, and Thrive," commemorated the 400 years since the first British ship arrived in North America initiating enslavement of black African people.

These are the workshops and affinity groups our faculty led:

• Kristen Goodlett, Middle and Upper School Learning Specialist, Ashley Finigan, Upper School History and American Studies Teacher, and Tammi Williams, Director of Technology Operations, presented "Vulnerability, Visibility, & Resilience: Creating Affinity Spaces for Black Girls," discussing how to create a safe and affirming affinity space in schools that honors the experiences of black girls, both socially and academically.

• Miguel Correa, Upper School English and American Studies Teacher and 10th Grade Dean, with Priscilla Morales, Associate Head of School of the Park School in Baltimore, presented "De Aqui y De Alla: Essential Latinx Topics for Humanities Curriculum," exposing middle and upper school humanities teachers to topics that should be part of foundational courses that all students take, particularly as they relate to American history.

• Kristen Goodlett and Khaliah Williams, Upper School College Counselor and English Teacher, presented "Biases and Balance: Talking to Families of Color About Learning Challenges," leading participants to engage in a critical analysis of their own biases when interacting with families of color and the ways in which to more effectively communicate with families about academic concerns.

• Shahna-Lee James, Middle School Math Teacher, 8th Grade Dean, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, and Girls' Athletic Coordinator, presented "Your Path: A Journey Defined Through Six-Word Stories," leading a reflection for participants on their journey as educators, using a series of six-word stories to represent significant moments in their lives.

• Brandon Guidry, Middle School Humanities Teacher and 6th Grade Dean, led the Black Heritage Affinity Group, and Matt Budd, Director of Community Action, led the Multiracial Heritage Affinity Groups, sessions designed to provide an opportunity for sharing and exploring life and experiences within safe and supportive spaces defined by membership in a specific racial or ethnic identity group.