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8th Graders Bring History to Life
8th Graders Bring History to Life

The annual Living Wax Museum has become a popular tradition for BC 8th Graders, and this year saw students transform into living and historical figures including Frederick Douglass, Dolly Parton, Mr. Rodgers, and many more.

To prepare for the Wax Museum, students select from a variety of political leaders, inventors, artists, sports heroes, and revolutionaries who have made the world a better place. After reading a memoir, biography, or autobiography, 8th graders then adapt what they've learned into a presentation along with costumes and props. During the night's gallery walk, students greeted visitors and shared the story of their historical figure's life and work.

See photos from this year's Wax Museum here and a full list of historical figures below.

Politicians and Activists

Ramses II: Zeke W. '24
Hannibal: Dean J. '24
Genghis Khan: Tasio C. '24
Catherine de Medici: Sadie B. '24
Napoleon Bonaparte: Gaspar N. '24
Abigail Adams: Claudia T. '24
Frederick Douglass: Allahji B. '24
Theodore Roosevelt: Lee R. '24
Dwight Eisenhower: Harrison S. '24
Winston Churchill: Nick H. '24
Irena Sendler: Nina B. '24
Richard Nixon: Ozzie W. '24
Malcolm X: Michael L. '24
Nelson Mandela: Jacob G. '24
Michelle Obama: Caroline R. '24
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Elizabeth K. '24
Muhammad Ali: Trent W. '24
Sonia Sotomayor: Alexa B. '24


Laura Ingalls Wilder: Margot S. '24
Emily Dickinson: Anne M. '24
Anne Frank: Delaney C. '24
J.D. Salinger: Molly S. '24
Stan Lee: Max M. '24
Karl Marx: Spencer S. '24
Charles Schulz: Caroline L. '24
Stephen King: Lily B. '24

Stars and CEOs of Entertainment

Charlie Chaplin: Sarah C. '24
Sarah Bernhardt: Delphine M. '24
Marilyn Monroe: Juno Padar N. '24
Lucille Ball: Arianna H. '24
Julie Andrews: Eva Z. '24
Fred Rogers: Ben T. '24
Bob Iger - Elijah H.-R. '24
Arnold Schwarzenegger: Oliver A. '24

Scientists and Innovators

Ada Lovelace: Clementine W. '24
Charles Darwin: Ian H. '24
Albert Einstein: Oliver K. '24
Michael Faraday: Aravind B. '24
Amelia Earhart: Ruby K.-M. '24
Steve Wozniak: Eli Z. '24
Jonas Salk: Theo C. '24
Jane Goodall: Emma M. '24
Hedy Lamarr: Mitra M. '24
Roald Admunson: Teddy W. '24
Marie Curie: Sarah K. '24
Alan Turing: Moss B. '24


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Wyatt B. '24
Charles Mingus: Noah B. '24
Miles Davis: Charles R. '24
Billie Holiday: Mulan J. '24
Nina Simone: Jessie S. '24
Frank Sinatra: Ellis F. '24
Lou Reed: Claude M. '24
Freddie Mercury: Max G. '24
Dolly Parton: Gillian N.-S. '24
Cyndi Lauper: Madden N. '24
Philip Lynott: Heidi B. '24
Marshall Mathers: Will H. '24

Artists, Architects and Designers

Leonardo da Vinci: Sam H. '24
Sally Mann: Charlie U. '24
Filippo Brunelleschi: Charles L. '24
Elsa Schiaparelli: Noelle A. '24
Vincent van Gogh: Sam B. '24
Frank Lloyd Wright: Nico G. '24
Bob Ross: Kaitlyn G. '24
Coco Chanel: Sloane L. '24


Greg Louganis: Adam B. '24
Larry Bird: Chase W. '24
Billie Jean King: Maddy D. '24
Michael Schumacher: Sam L. '24
Misty Copeland: Naiyah J. '24
Serena Williams: Denver K. '24
Jackie Robinson: Ajay R. '24
Tara Lipinski: Ava M.-M. '24
Sandy Koufax: Ben G. '24
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Jeremiah V. '24
Bethany Hamilton: Laila E. '24
Muhammad Ali: Aiden C. '24