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Students Honored at Awards Night

Students Honored at Awards Night

Congratulations to all the Upper School students who were honored for their achievements in academics, athletics, and the arts at this years virtual Awards Night!

Athletics Awards
Commitment and Dedication Award
Jonathan B. ‘21, Maris H. ‘21, Youssef E. ‘21, Callan M. ‘21, Zola O. ‘21, Charlotte T. ‘21

Outstanding Athlete
June F. ‘21, Elliott R. ‘21
Outstanding Scholar Athletes
Sita P. ‘21, Daniel S. ‘21
Arts Awards

Visual Arts
Drawing/Painting: Maris H. ‘21, Noah S. ‘21

Design: Nate H. ‘21, Zola O. ‘21

Sculpture: Autumn K. ‘21

Photography: Gabi P. ‘21, Adeleen R. ‘21

Visual Arts Department Award: Sita P. ‘21

Performing Arts
Theatre Award: Jacob B. ‘23, Peter S. ‘23

Dance Award: Leonora M. ‘21, Sage O. ‘21

Debate Award: June F. ‘21

Speech Award: Aidan K. ‘21

Performing Arts Department Award: Leonora M. ‘21

Outstanding Choral - High Voice: Nola M. ‘21

Outstanding Choral - Low Voice: Henry S. ‘21

Outstanding Jazz Soloist: Oliver S. ‘21

Outstanding Jazz Ensemble: Kai E. ‘21

Outstanding Jazz Percussion: Antonio D. ‘21

Outstanding Chamber Ensemble: Alexandra C. ‘21

Outstanding Orchestra: Moya L. ‘21, Andreas W. ‘21

Music Department Award: Anthony R. ‘21

Scholastic Awards
Silver Medal for Portfolio: Moya L. ‘21

National Latin Exam Awards
Gold Medal Summa Cum Laude (Level 4): Moya L. ‘21, Sita P. ‘21

Special Book Prize (4 gold medals in 4 consecutive years): Moya L. ‘21

Departmental Awards
The Aidan Silitch Science Award: Kemi I. ‘22

Mary Ellis Award - World Languages: Ashley A. ‘21

History Award: Moya L. ‘21

Math Award: Wen Yu C. ‘22

Sue Ely Award for Reading and Writing - English Department: Sita P. ‘21

Computer Science Award: Weezie W. ‘22

Peter Shakeshaft Award - Most Improved
9th Grade: Lou Lou K. ‘24
10th Grade: Arlo N. ‘23
11th Grade: Tess G. ‘22, Anya R. ‘22
12th Grade: Rowan D. ‘21

Cum Laude
Inducted in 2020:
Kai E. ‘21
June F. ‘21
Harry J. ‘21
Moya L. ‘21
Gabi P. ‘21
Daniel S. ‘21
Maggie S. ‘21
Andreas W. ‘21

Inducted in 2021 (seniors):
Lila B. ‘21
Aniesha D. ‘21
Sabrina E. ‘21
Aidan K. ‘21
Desi Naini U. ‘21
Sita P. ‘21
Anthony R. ‘21
William S. ‘21
Joan Marie V. ‘21

Inducted in 2021 (juniors):
Noa B. ‘22
Wen Yu Cc. ‘22
Daniel C. ‘22
Joseph G. ‘22
Annika S. ‘22
August S. ‘22
Carter S. ‘22

Senior Dinner Speaker
Ashley A. ‘21, Leonora M. ‘21

Edward A. Martin Book Scholarship
Aylin C. ‘21

Lisa Nachamie Award
Leonora M. ‘21

Alisa F. Levin Award - The Alisa F. Levin Award, named in honor of Life Trustee Alisa F. Levin, honors the consistent effort and outstanding scholarship of the student(s) who earns the highest cumulative grade point average in the graduating class.
Kai E. ‘21, Daniel S. ‘21, Andreas W. ‘21

Commencement Speaker
Kai E. ‘21