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Students Discuss Social Media's Impact

Students Discuss Social Media's Impact

Upper School students and faculty discussed the role of social media in our society in the latest installment of BC Talks, which was hosted by the School Culture and Equity Council

The day began with a lecture from writer/producer Dylan Marron, who hosts "Conversations with People Who Hate Me," a podcast where he has phone conversations with individuals who have left hateful comments on social media. He spoke to students about the volatile nature of the internet and the importance of practicing empathy towards people with whom we may disagree. He also answered their questions about navigating the world of social media and practicing good digital citizenship.

After the lecture, students could choose from over a dozen workshops led by faculty, such as "Social Media Affects the Adolescent Brain," "Break Up With Your Phone," "Information Overload," "Supreme Court and Free Speech," and more.

To conclude the day, students had the opportunity to unplug and enjoy a tech-free experience. They could choose from phone-free activities such as crocheting, chess, playing board games, an outdoor art project, and more.

The Story Behind “BC Talks”
In 2015, Berkeley Carroll Upper School decided to replace a long-standing tradition of “Diversity Day” with an event called “BC Talks.”  This marked a shift to move beyond the need for many special “days” towards a year-round curriculum and culture that allow faculty and students to speak of matters of social justice, and political and cultural importance, regularly, if not daily.  “BC Talks” events are a culminating day of discussion rather than the only day of discussion

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