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Beyond BC: Michael Eve '17

Beyond BC: Michael Eve '17

When it comes time to make the decision about the college they want to attend, the success and fulfillment of our alums attests to the philosophy that college is a match to be made, not a prize to be won. With a wide range of schools to select from, BC alums have the option to pick the one that fits them best, from large universities to small liberal arts colleges, from the East Coast to the West Coast and even abroad.

Every month, we’ll be catching up with a recent alum still in college to learn more about what led them to their choice, how they have dealt with school year disruptions during COVID-19, and how their time at Berkeley Carroll prepared them for their life Beyond BC!

Michael Eve ‘17, Tufts University, Studying Computer Engineering

What year are you in college?

I’m currently a senior.

When you were in the Upper School, what was the most important criteria for you when choosing a college?

The people I met on campus, both students and faculty, were always extremely nice, passionate about what they were doing and always ready to answer my questions. The most important criteria for me was the proximity to a city, a great Engineering program, and a growing athletics and club sports community. The main convincing factor was how passionate everyone from a variety of disciplines was about what they were learning.

How do you think BC prepared you for your college experience?

I think “American Studies” definitely prepared me for the workload you get in college, at least for my Arts and Sciences courses. My “Engineering Principles” course prepared me to be in a more collaborative space that accepted tiny failures as successes.

Are you still pursuing passions you discovered at BC, and have you discovered any new ones?

I was captain of the Men's Varsity Soccer team, drummer for the Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble, and Peer Leader. I'm mentoring for Black Men's Group, helping underclassmen figure out resources on campus for academics and mental health. A new interest I have discovered is bystander intervention and education around sexual assault on campus. I've been a Green Dot ambassador for over a year now focusing on making campus a safer place for everyone and empowering students with tools to help prevent dangerous situations.

This has been a particularly challenging year, and probably a lot different than you expected. Have there been moments that you look back on that have made you more resilient?

I look back on times when I would either doubt my ability to push through a hard course, or even question if I want to study what I’m studying, and I think about how fortunate I am to be where I am. I also think about the people back home counting on me to make the best decisions possible to still move forward into what I want my future to look like. Learning that asking questions is not a bad thing if you're just seeking a better understanding was crucial for my growth, especially as an engineer, because we don't always have all of the answers!

What advice would you give a current BC student as they are thinking about college?

Give yourself time to think about location, what you enjoy learning about now, and what kind of campus culture you are looking for.

Did anyone or anything at BC have a particularly profound impact on you?  

My Computer Science teacher Jason Gaines showed me a lot of what can be possible in terms of making your different passions – like music, engineering, and computer science for me – come to life in different ways.



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