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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Congratulations to the 79 members of the Class of 2017, who graduated from Berkeley Carroll on June 2 at the school's 130th Commencement Exercises.

Alessandro G. '17 and Gala P. '17 both spoke on behalf of the graduating class, Alessandro as the senior class president and Gala as the class speaker, chosen by faculty.

"BC has taught me not only to be proud of my accomplishments, but also those of my peers," Gala said.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas gave this year's Commencement address. He spoke about his own high school experience, the importance of learning other people's stories and what, as an undocumented immigrant, citizenship means to him.

"Who you are is how you are in relation to other people," he said. "Your future is not yours for the taking ... your future relies on other people too."

The Upper School Choir also performed Z. Randall Stroope's "Omina Sol (Let Your Heart Be Staid)."

Class of 2017 College Enrollments

Timur A. - Union College
Olivia A-C. - Marist College
Asya A. - Sarah Lawrence College
Annabelle A. - Belmont University
Joseph A. - University of Pennsylvania
Luis A. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Joanna B. - Mount Holyoke College
Michael B. - University of Rochester
Jack B. - Wesleyan University
Sarah B. - Lafayette College
Emile B. - Syracuse University
Hannah B. - Wesleyan University
Jessica B-D. - Brown University
Rocco B. - University of Southern California
Jacob B. - Amherst College
Aaron C. - Lycoming College
Ezekiel C. - Muhlenberg College
Liam C. - Indiana University at Bloomington
Colette C. - Chapman University
Lydia D. - Skidmore College
Nathaniel D. - Vassar College
Amanda E. - Connecticut College
Karleen E. - Spelman College
Michael E. - Tufts University
Zachary F. - Indiana University at Bloomington
Courtney G. - Ithaca College
Alessandro G. - Swarthmore College
Rachel G. - Skidmore College
Emily G. - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Sarah H. - SUNY College at Geneseo
Kiara H. - American University
Jeffrey H. - Ohio Wesleyan University
Alessandra I. - Kenyon College
Nina K. - Tulane University
William K. - Franklin & Marshall College
Alice L. - State University of New York at Albany
Isaac L. - Wesleyan University
Grace L. - Smith College
Jordan L. - Boston University
Eric L. - Boston University
Christian L. - Tulane University
Julia L. - New York University
Nicholas L. - Chapman University
Michael M. - West Virginia Wesleyan College
Xabier M. - Johns Hopkins University
Kathryn M. - The George Washington University
Chelsea M. - Howard University
Savana M. - Northeastern University
Grace M. - Marist College
Lindsay N. - Tulane University
Samuel O. - Colorado College
Kellen P-C. - Northeastern University
Arian P. - Columbia University
Luis P. - University of Maryland at College Park
Dmitry P. - Wesleyan University
Darrell P. - Yale University
Ava P. - Hampshire College
Kamari P. - Chapman University
Gala P. - Brown University
Sneha P. - University of Southern California
Grace R. - High Point University
Toluwani R. - Claremont McKenna College
Dean R. - University of Michigan
Leah R. - Oberlin College
Lindsay R. - Coastal Carolina University
Albert R. - Baruch College of the City University of New York
Ananda S. - University of Vermont
Lorelle S. - Amherst College
Miles S-S. - University of Vermont
Jesse S. - Trinity College
Simone S. - Wesleyan University
Avery S. - State University of New York at Albany
Lauren T. - Smith College
Zachariah U. - Pitzer College
Grace W. - Saint Joseph's University
Jamie W. - University of Delaware
Dayna W. - Wesleyan University
Amirah W. - Mount Holyoke College
Evan Y. - Clark University