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Head of School Updates

Thanksgiving Greeting from Dr. Waller

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our November all-school Assembly is always a special tradition, since it is the only time in the school year when all students gather under one roof. Today, as we resumed the tradition for the first time in 2 years, it had even more meaning. The theme, appropriately enough, was gratitude. Each division was represented eloquently by a student speaker: Lilly Ball ’31 for the Lower School, Ivan Prempeh ’27 for the Middle School, and Max Grad ’24 for the Upper School. Lower School Head Teacher Kristin Mulvaney, herself a BC alum, was this year’s faculty speaker. Musical selections were performed by the Upper School Chamber Ensemble, the Middle School Chorus, and the Grade 3 Chorus, who sang our traditional BC “Thank You Song.”

In my welcoming remarks, after sharing how appreciative I was that our entire school was able to gather in this fashion once more, I reflected on a time, several years ago, when I began keeping a Digital Gratitude Diary. I had read that deliberately tapping feelings of appreciation promotes increased generosity, improved perspective taking, and a general sense of wellbeing. I had always appreciated the many good people and good things in my life but I had not realized previously that dwelling in gratitude and giving thanks was actually good for us in so many ways. I was intrigued and eagerly listed each day five things for which I was thankful. Sometimes, my list included events, like a long-anticipated trip; or favorite foods, like the never to be topped Chicago hot dog. At other times, I included words like peace, happiness, forgiveness, and empathy. Most often, my list was dominated by people and relationships; I was grateful for my teachers, my friends, my family, and I reflected on how they had deepened my joy, quieted my fears, and nurtured my dreams.

Today, I am reflecting on how thoroughly and deliberately thankful I am for the Berkeley Carroll family. In our vibrant learning community, we have the opportunity each day to know one another, to support one another’s aspirations, and to delight in what we can accomplish together–not only for ourselves, but also for a world in need of our talents, compassion, and care.

Enjoy the holiday break and be well.

Lisa Yvette Waller, Ph.D.
Head of School