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Head of School Updates

In Response to the Tragic Events of This Weekend

Dear Berkeley Carroll Community,

We are writing with both shock and sorrow in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Israel this weekend. The widespread loss of life resulting both from this assault and from the ensuing war have been devastating to witness. Further, it feels depleting to know that the cycle of violence plaguing Israelis, Palestinians, and others in the region has escalated and will continue. Our thoughts are with everyone touched directly and indirectly by the current war and the historic, multi-generational conflict that informs it.

Knowing that there are members of our community who are experiencing a range of emotions, including anxiety, fear and despair, we want to reiterate our support for those who are hurting while also helping our students to process their emotions and to navigate the conversations that are unfolding. We invite you to connect with your child’s teachers, Division Directors, or other trusted adults here at school if there are particular needs that you would like to share.

While it can feel futile to say so, we wish strength, wisdom, and perseverance to those who are working toward just and lasting peace, not only in the Middle East but in areas of conflict and war throughout our world. Here at school, we will continue to do all that we can to affirm and support members of our community and to uphold our mission during this challenging time.

Lisa Yvette Waller, Ph.D.
Head of School

Brandie Melendez
Assistant Head of School for Professional Learning and Institutional Equity