Brooklyn private independent school

Head of School's Message

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! It is always thrilling to start a new school year and witness the excitement of students and teachers in our classrooms and hallways.

We’ve worked hard over the summer -- it’s been gratifying to see the level of professionalism shown by our entire faculty and staff as they prepared for the opening of classes.

Teachers have been engaged in professional development to hone their skills; teams of faculty and administrators have been reviewing and strengthening program; and we made some physical improvements to the lobbies of 181 Lincoln Place and 701 Carroll Street.

Additionally, as I write this message we are in the midst of finishing up the installation of a new HVAC system at the Athletic Center, which will be in place for all of our special events there. We are ready!

Since Berkeley Institute and Carroll Street School merged in 1982, the Berkeley Carroll School has consistently set a course to always make our academic programs stronger, to provide facilities that offer a variety of learning opportunities for our students, and to cultivate an expert, dedicated faculty. These efforts will continue in the coming year.

As part of our facility upgrades, a new exterior security booth at Lincoln Place is currently being installed which will help us control access to this location. While the school has never experienced any security breaches to date we made the decision to follow best practices and institute new processes that would provide us with more control of the entrances to our buildings.

Most importantly we have added new initiatives, new staff, and new courses at each level of our school so we can continue to maintain our commitment to provide the best experience for every student. This is the ethos of BC and we are confident that it will continue to define us as a school.

Again, welcome to the new school year and I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Robert D. Vitalo

Robert D. Vitalo

Head of School