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I’d like to welcome you to the Berkeley Carroll School.

Situated in Brooklyn, New York, Berkeley Carroll draws pre-K through 12th Grade students from neighborhoods throughout New York City and the surrounding area who engage fully in exciting, challenging, and authentic discovery within and outside the classroom.

Guided by a gifted and dedicated faculty, students at Berkeley Carroll navigate a demanding and innovative curriculum that emphasizes interdisciplinary studies along with proficiencies such as critical thinking, self-reliance, and collaboration. Students are encouraged to pose questions as well as answer them and they are rewarded not only for mastery but also for intellectual risk taking. Berkeley Carroll’s approach to teaching and learning fosters both intrinsic and external motivation.

On a daily basis, we consider how undertakings in the classroom, in the science lab, in the art studio, and on the playing field enhance our understanding of the world beyond our walls. Students apply this knowledge in service to others, which engenders the curiosity, empathy, and interdependence required for engaged citizenship in an increasingly complex and challenging world.

The deliberate and sustained effort to be a diverse, inclusive, and equitable learning environment informs every aspect of our program. We have pledged to be a community where our unique experiences as individuals and our commonalities based on myriad, intersecting social identities are recognized and embraced.

I invite you to visit with us and to experience first hand our vibrant and welcoming community.


Lisa Yvette Waller, Ph.D.
Head of School

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Thanksgiving Message from Dr. Lisa Waller

Earlier this month, while in Chicago and awash with nostalgia for my hometown, I decided to drive past my old elementary school. I had not stood before that imposing facade since my last day of fifth grade but, apart from a young maple, its leaves afire with the turn of the season, the building was just as I remembered it. The block was bathed in late afternoon sunlight and there was no trace of students and teachers, who had long since gone for the day.

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