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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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We endeavor to create an environment that includes a diversity of perspectives and to cultivate an equitable, inclusive learning community in which everyone has a true sense of belonging. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work affirms our deeply held belief that our school should reflect a vast array of identities, perspectives, experiences, life stories, and realities--all of which make for a robust and dynamic learning community. This work supports our goal to offer opportunities for each community member to have what they need to be successful within our environment. We strive to cultivate a school community in which every person feels that they can be authentically themselves and that they belong for this is crucial to socio-emotional well being and academic success.  

Our DEI work also connects directly to our mission of preparing students for “success in college and for the greater endeavor—a life of critical, ethical, and global thinking. Through our academic program and co-curricular programming, we provide young people with the intellectual and interpersonal skills to critically engage, and ethically influence our community, our city, our country and the world. 

In order to become more actively anti-racist and to affirm the experiences of those who are marginalized in our community and in our society, we have committed to initiatives across all areas of the school and with all constituencies. We work to disrupt racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of bias and discrimination in our own community and respond effectively when incidents of bias arise. In all areas, we strive for constant growth and improvement.

Our Head of School Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller recently addressed students regarding the history and impact of race and racism in the United States, she said: “We are navigating a really important historical moment in the face of unprecedented challenges," Dr. Waller reflected. "Berkeley Carroll sits squarely in this moment and is charged to do more, and do better, combating racism and other forms of oppression wherever we find them."  

Director of Equity and Inclusion, Brandie Melendez recently shared the following: “The work of diversity, equity, and inclusion is necessary and we are committed to it as an institution. I used to think about it as a lens through which we should look at every aspect of our community, but my thinking has evolved as our work has progressed. I am aligned with the philosophy that our work must be a foundation upon which our school grows and changes, and, as we continue to evolve, it must become even more central to all that we do at Berkeley Carroll. I do this work because I believe that we can do better, and that our students can have the experiences we want them to have, and that will be able to effect substantial change in our community and in our society. To create a truly and fundamentally inclusive environment, that addresses racism, bias, and discrimation -- that is what we are aspiring towards.”


Diversity Mission Statement

As an inclusive community, Berkeley Carroll honors the dignity of all people. In our culture and our program, we embrace and respect differences.These include age, ethnicity, family structure, gender, learning style, physical ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic class.

We believe in teaching and learning about these issues, even when the conversations are difficult. Our commitment to diversity is one expression of the mission of our school. We want to help students understand the complexity of a constantly changing world. The confidence and ability to engage respectfully with others is a signature of a Berkeley Carroll education.