Brooklyn private independent school


Instead of a 5 day schedule, the Upper and Middle Schools have an 8 day schedule and Lower School has a 6 day schedule, which provides students with the opportunity to pursue more courses and interests in a concentrated manner without having to choose one over the other.


Expanding science curricular choices and forging interdisciplinary connections has been a strong focus in every division. Some examples:

* Our partnership with NYU's Tandon School of Engineering in Downtown Brooklyn provides engineering and design classes for Upper School students.

* Our highly selective three-year Science Research and Design program allows 10th -12th grade students to discover and understand the nature of science as a dynamic, changing field. Seniors conduct an original research project, write and publish an article in the program’s peer-reviewed journal and present it at our Science Research Conference.

* The Science and Math Departments joined forces to create Physical Applications of Calculus for 12th graders who have already taken physics and calculus (or are taking calculus concurrently). The course explores the ways in which calculus can be applied to the study of physics and to solving physical problems.

Humanities & World Language

We've established partnerships with established programs and universities to provide challenging courses and travel experiences to complement our school programs. Opportunities for students include:

* Rigorous online courses in Arabic and Mandarin through our partnership with Johns Hopkins University .

* Language immersion-based partnerships with Centro de Lenguas y Educacíon Intercultural in Granada, Spain, and Centre Méditerranéen d’Études Françaises in Cap d’Ail, France. Many of our academic travel programs are linked with their own dedicated Spring Intensives to provide even more time for deep and rigorous preparation.

* Berkeley Carroll's award-winning student magazine of literature and art, Reflections.

* The Spanish Partial Immersion Program in our Lower School has drawn the attention of other independent schools.

Research & Independent Study

* The two-week long Spring Intensives program offers Upper School students a choice of interdisciplinary courses and travel programs to explore interests beyond the scope of traditional courses. Recent Spring Intensives included "Human Origins," "Neuropsychology," and the "Science and Sociology of Food."

* The Senior Scholars Program is a yearlong undertaking that provides highly motivated students with the opportunity to work independently to investigate a specific area of interest not offered in the Upper School curriculum or to explore a topic that represents an in-depth extension of courses already completed. Past senior projects have included “General Biodiversity in the Hudson River Estuary,” “Bacteriophage Therapy,” and “Photovoltaics and Applications in Architecture."