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Head of School Search

In preparation for the June 2019 departure of Bob Vitalo, the Board of Trustees actively began work in January 2018 to find Berkeley Carroll’s next Head of School. Bob’s 13-year tenure at the school has been exceptional, and we are deeply grateful to him for putting our school in such a solid position—academically, financially, and administratively.

The Search Committee
The search committee, comprised of trustees, faculty and parents, was led by our Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Amy Bender and guided by Spencer Stuart, a national executive search firm with extensive experience finding educational leaders at institutions ranging from independent schools to major universities.

Their charge was to present to the Board one or more exceptional and thoroughly vetted candidates. Members were dedicated, both individually and collectively, to ensuring that every member of the Berkeley Carroll community had an opportunity to give input with respect to qualities that we should be seeking, as well as to offer nominations.

The school encouraged everyone to participate in this most important endeavor. Over the next seven months, the search committee collectively spent more than 600 hours on this work.

Announcement of the Next Head of School
In July 2018, following a thorough and extensive seven-month national search, the Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller as Berkeley Carroll’s next Head of School.

Dr. Waller will bring with her 30 years of experience in education, including 23 years at The Dalton School in Manhattan, where she is currently the Assistant Head of School for Progressive and Inclusive Practice.

Dr. Waller’s appointment represents the culmination of a comprehensive, collaborative search process. Thanks to the hard work, long hours and dedication of the search committee and the thoughtful feedback from a broad representation of our community, including parents, faculty, administrators, students, staff and alumni, the school was able to identify the community’s aspirations for our future and what we are seeking in the next Head of School via the school forums we held, and letters, conversations and survey responses from community members.

The Board voted unanimously for Dr. Waller’s appointment. Read more about Dr. Waller here .

Key Communications

* July 2018 - Statement from Dr. Lisa Yvette Waller

* July 2018 - Statement from Robert D. Vitalo

* July 2018 - Announcement of the next Head of School

* June 2018 - Update on the search

* April 2018 - Position Specification for the next Head of School (pdf).

* Late February 2018 - an online survey was sent to all constituents to gather additional feedback from the community.

* February 7, 2018 – Spencer Stuart completed on-campus meetings with parents, faculty and administrators, soliciting their input about the school—its current state, aspirations, and most importantly, what they are seeking in the next head.

* January 29, 2018 - Search committee members added to the webpage.

* January 10, 2018 - Click here to read letters from Board of Trustees Chair Joe Polizzotto and Head of School Robert Vitalo’s to the BC community.

Search Committee

Amy Bender, Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
Becky Blumenthal, Faculty
Lydia Denworth, Parent
Erika Drezner, Faculty
Matt Erdosy, Faculty
Denise Gamble, Trustee
Katya Jestin, Trustee
Susan Marcinek, Trustee
Brandie Melendez, Faculty
Prashant Mupparapu, Trustee
Jay Rao, Trustee
Chad Ruble, Trustee
Chris Welch, Trustee


To guide us in our search process we have retained Spencer Stuart, a national executive search firm with extensive experience finding educational leaders at institutions ranging from independent schools to major universities.