Brooklyn private independent school
Berkeley Carroll is a vibrant intellectual community
Our faculty inspire critical, ethical and global thinking
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of 5th and 6th graders play an instrument
We enrich rigorous academic learning with the arts and athletics
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Students discover their passions, develop their inner voices & make sense of their place in the world


Our program cultivates independent learning
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Our athletics program fosters a balance of competitive skills and team building
Athletic excellence on 39 teams in fall, winter & spring
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Inquisitiveness and intellectual risk-taking are encouraged and supported
Our Spanish partial immersion program innovates language learning
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Students explore peace, politics, and social justice on a local level through community work and academics
Our academic travel programs enhance authentic global thinking
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At A Glance

Berkeley Carroll is a private preK-12th grade school in Brooklyn that inspires critical, ethical, and global thinking. Our academic program emphasizes an inter-disciplinary approach where faculty and students collaborate to pose essential questions. We develop daring thinkers ready for success in college and beyond throughout their careers.


of seniors were accepted into a highly selective college


are students of color


of faculty have advanced degrees


National Scholastic writing & arts awards won by students


US New Student Orientation (includes ALL 9th Graders)
ReBoot Camp for Seniors (in person)
LS Classroom Visits
MS New Student Orientation (includes ALL 5th Graders)
US New Student Orientation (includes ALL 9th Graders)
ReBoot Camp for Seniors (in person)
First Day of Classes
Senior College evening for students & parents/guardians
on Zoom
US Back to School Night
2nd-4th Grade Back to School Night
MS Back to School Night
PK-1st Grade Back to School Night
School Closed (Rosh Hashanah)
School Closed (Yom Kippur)
Junior College Evening for students & parents/guardians
Sterling Performance Space (in person)


Our STEAM program combines STEM and the Arts in an interdisciplinary, integrated, real-world way.

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Science isn’t just a body of knowledge — it’s a process, a means of investigating, and a tool for interpreting discovery.

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Classes use technology to effectively find and manage information and then to critically evaluate and ethically apply it.

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Students take engineering courses on our campus or at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering.

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The creative process teaches students to generate ideas, prototype, collaborate and innovate.

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Math teaches students to analyze, problem solve and think critically.

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