Classic Day Camp

Welcome to the Berkeley Carroll Classic Day Camp. Friendship, fun, and new experiences await our campers. Children explore their interests, stretch their imaginations, and nurture their talents by participating in a wide array of camp activities.

The Camp offers an enriched program for students ages three to nine. Participants are divided into groups by age, and group sizes are kept small to ensure personal attention and to maximize socialization and fun. Every group has a head counselor, an assistant counselor, and a counselor in training or junior counselor. Typically, the camp maintains a ration of one adult for every six children.

Campers participate in age-appropriate activities that emphasize creativity and social skills on a daily basis. Led by their head counselors and assistant counselors, these activities often center around a theme of the week, such as science, animals or art. Nurturing by affectionate and attentive staff gives each child a strong start toward building self-confidence. The Berkeley Carroll Classic Day Camp is also made up of several core elements:


A music specialist teaches all campers, with a focus on singing songs, playing instruments for accompaniment, and understanding rhythm. Campers have music lessons twice a week.


Working with their counselors and with an art specialist, the children create art in many media, such as paints, cray-pas, clay, yarn, fabric, collage, and mosaics. Campers have art lessons twice a week.


In addition to time for free play and outdoor recreation, campers spend time each week with a physical education specialist learning cooperative games and "lead-up" skills for team sports. Campers typically have PE four times a week.


Swimming instruction takes place in our 75-foot long indoor pool. Campers have a daily swimming session (when not on trips) with time for professional instruction as well as recreational swim. Swim sessions are 30 minutes in duration.


Campers participate in exciting field trips and special events. Typically, there are bowling outings, visits to museums, parks, and Puppetworks. Field Day and Carnival Day are some of the special events in which all children participate.

Children's Day Camp Calendar

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