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Berkeley Carroll students are distinguished not only by their commitment to excellence in academics, but also by their eagerness to explore new interests and expand their talents in the arts, athletics and service to the community. Some of the extracurricular activities we offer include:

  • Art Squad
  • Asian American Students Association
  • The Blotter (Upper School newspaper)
  • Chess Club
  • Conspiracy Theory Club
  • Dance Club
  • Environmental Club
  • F(ashion) A(rt) C(reate) T(each)
  • Felix Pilkington Experience
  • Film Club
  • Genshiken
  • Girls 2 Women
  • Health and Fitness Club
  • Hip-Hop Club
  • Improv Club
  • Investing Club
  • Joint Alliance for Diversity Awareness (JADA)
  • Lunch Club
  • Math Team
  • Non Traditional Family Alliance
  • People of Color (POC)
  • Philosophy Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Reflections (Upper School literature and art magazine)
  • Robotics
  • Spectrum
  • Strategic Games Club
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Speech & Debate Teams
  • Tea Club
  • World Affairs Breakfast Club
  • Yearbook

  • Art Squad

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Nguyen
    Student Leaders: Gala Prudent/Dayna Weissman

    Art squad is open to all students, regardless of experience level, who want a chance to try out different kinds of art. We work on both projects and free work, and provide our students with a variety of mediums. In the past, we have had a photo collage in the cafeteria, created custom t-shirts, and watched old films as inspiration for watercolor paintings. This year, Art Squad will have a focus on creating and publishing zines, small self-published booklets on topics that students are passionate about, often related to activism.
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    The Asian American Students Association (Affinity Group)

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Niizuma
    Student Leaders: Allen Li

    The Asian American Students Association is a club that meets several times a year to discuss issues of concern to Asian American students and to celebrate the various cultures of the student members. We are planning to enjoy food, music and dance from different Asian countries, and to discuss political and social concerns in the US as well as throughout the world. All are invited, including students who are interested in Asian culture. In addition, this club is part of POC.
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    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Clapps and Ms. Bediako
    Student Leaders:Lindsay Nissenbaum

    The Blotter has been the student voice of our school for decades. Now an online student-run newspaper, The Blotter highlights arts, sports, and events in both the world and the Berkeley Carroll community. Through articles, photojournalism, and videos, The Blotter finds new and innovative ways to speak for the Berkeley Carroll student body. Visit The Blotter at
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    Chess Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Rubin
    Student Leaders: Isaac Katz, Matteo Holzer

    The purpose of our group will be to learn new tactics and strategies and also teach the essentials to beginners who decide to join. This would be a good addition to our BCS community because learning and playing chess helps to stimulate the brain. The club will put on the following activities chess tournaments, lessons and guests who can teach students about chess. We will also most likely watch videos on chess.
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    Conspiracy Theory Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Giovino
    Student Leaders: Kiara Hubbard, Jesse Sharperson, Aaron Clarke

    Through this club, we hope to spark discussion on various conspiracy theories, such as the Mandela Effect, The Berenstain Bears and Sex in the City (just to name a few). Why do we choose to believe certain events, when we know they weren't always this way?
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    Dance Club

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. John-Mora
    Student Leaders: Tamiya Fowler, Alyssa Pierre, Emily Monorocho, Lauren Tinglin

    Our club is dance club that focuses mainly on learning dances from other cultures and dabbles in contemporary dancing. We think that this club would be a great addition to the community because it gives students a chance to learn about different cultures and have fun while doing it. We also believe that it would make a great space for students to express themselves.
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    Environmental Club

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Smith
    Student Leaders: Sophie Arens, Alanna Lawhon, Sam Olsen, Miles Schappell-Spillman

    A club that focuses on spreading awareness of environmental issues. The purpose of the group is to bring awareness to environmental issues that we as members of the bc community encounter on day to day life. The environmental club helps make Berkeley Carroll a cleaner/eco-friendly place.
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    F(ashion) A(rt) C(reate) T(each)

    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Daniel
    Student Leaders: Jamie Wen

    The purpose of this cocurricular is to allow students to explore art and fashion together. Improving their art skills, discovering their own sense of style and developing an eye for fashion. n FACT, we will explore the ways students can express who they are and wear what makes them feel confident. We will explore this idea through educating, learning, and discussions. We will design our own clothing line, and have open conversations about fashion in social media and how it affects men and women in society. Plus, we are creating material eligible for portfolios when students apply to colleges with a fashion design major. Fashion design hasn't been commonly taught as an art class in the past years, and now is the opportunity to join something you are passionate about! Introductory professional training in fashion illustration, a passion to create something you want to see in the world and will benefit others, and a judgement free zone. It's best to start now and develop and work on your passionate as early as possible and to start your experience early. The fashion world is an intense industry!
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    Film Club

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Sefchovich
    Student Leaders: Alex De Felice, Lien Acevedo

    The purpose of this club is to expand people's knowledge of different genres of film and how to create them. This would be a good addition to the community because it will enhance the creative offerings of our school. Also it is a fun way to learn and discuss about different topics and methods of storytelling. Some things we will do are watch movies and discuss the different aspects of it such as the screenplay, CGI, the acting, etc. Also we are going to make a few short films, live action and animated.
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    Felix Pilkington Experience

    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Holsberg and Mr. Gaines
    Student Leaders: Nick Bonina

    The Felix Pilkington Experience is for students who wish to explore small group jazz at a high level. It is open to anyone interested in further study.
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    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Swarthout
    Student Leaders: Renata Bourin, King Snider

    Genshiken is a co-curricular group where Upper School students can come and learn or share their love of Japanese animation. The name derives from a Japanese Manga series about a college club, whose constituents are ardent fans of media.
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    Girls 2 Women (Affinity Group)

    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kauffman, Ms. Finigan, and Ms. Links
    Student Leaders: Simone Silvan, Libby Thogmartin, Claire Dunn

    Girls 2 Women is a co-curricular group composed of Upper School females who meet weekly. We talk about topics relating to gender and beyond, read and discuss thought-provoking articles, watch movies, learn about and meet inspiring women, team up with other clubs, hold several meetings throughout the year that are also open to Upper School males, plan events, and have a lot of fun!
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    Health and Fitness Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Giovino
    Student Leaders: Jordan Lisi

    Berkeley Carroll Health and Fitness is a discussion based community in which students share information and help each other to live a lifestyle conducive to healthy nutritional choices, intense workout regimens, and a balanced social life.
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    Hip Hop Club

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Finigan
    Student Leaders: Kamari Pope

    The Hip-Hop club is a melting pot where all different views and types of hip-hop are accepted. It is an accepting environment for students to listen to and discuss topics and genres of hip-hop.
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    Improv Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Henneberry
    Student Leaders: Kylie Conner-Sax

    Improv comedy is all about support. The ultimate goal of improvising is to make your scene partner(s) look like the best, smartest people in the world. School can be a tiring and competitive environment, and all of that stress the Berkeley Carroll community could really benefit from a club with the thesis of supporting and being friendly towards others. Improv is a ridiculously fun and positive (yes and!) form of performance art that is beneficial to Berkeley Carroll.
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    Investing Club

    Faculty Advisors: Alessandro Getzl/Xabier McCauley
    Student Leaders: Kylie Conner-Sax

    In the Investing Club, we will be competing in an in-house investment simulation. Each group member will start with $100,000 and invest in any stocks, index funds, ETFs, materials (gold), that they choose. At the end of each semester, the student with the best ROI (Return On Investment) will receive a financial prize. Students will be competing with several teachers as well. During meetings, we will discuss investment related concepts and finance related current events. This group is open to all students, and requires no prerequisite knowledge of banking or finance.
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    JADA (Joint Alliance for Diversity Awareness)

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Prescott and Ms. Melendez
    Student Leaders: Toluwani Roberts, Aidan Gilmartin

    JADA provides a safe space for all members of our community who respect, honor and celebrate the wide range of differences in ourselves. Our purpose is to discuss important, controversial, tough, and uncomfortable issues that affect all individuals who identify with any race, culture, socioeconomic class, gender spectrum, sexual preference, religion, political leanings, and the like. Our goal is to strive to help raise awareness for diversity in our school’s community, and to hopefully spread this helpful knowledge to others. For a community to thrive, it must be aware of the experience of each and every individual in it.
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    Lunch Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Swarthout
    Student Leaders: Jacob Boehm

    Do you love politics, but don't have an outlet to talk about it? Do you watch the Daily Show or Last Week Tonight, and want to explore it further? Do you want to learn more about the world around you? Well now you can! This year has been one of the most eventful to date. Between the refugee crisis, the presidential campaign, and Donald Trump’s success in the polls, there is a lot to talk about. Thus, we hope to create a discussion based group to explore issues such as these through mostly satirical sources (e.g. The Onion, Cracked, etc.). The idea behind it is that discussions will be centered around any materials students are interested in sharing, though I will always have funny videos to spark conversation as well. What makes this club unique is that it is entirely discussion based. There will never be lectures, rather the club is what the students make of it.
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    Math Team

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Niizuma
    Student Leaders: Eve Blank, Arian Pentza

    The Math Team at Berkeley Carroll is open to students grades 9-12 and is focused on preparing students for mathematics competitions. Members of the team work individually and in groups on challenging mathematics problems that are taken from past competitions. These competitions include, but are not limited to, the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 10/12), NYC Interscholastic Math League (NYCIML), Interstellar, and a local math bowl with other New York City schools. We also plan to participate in a friendly in-person competition against Packer-Collegiate in the fall and the spring. This club will meet after-school on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, and the occasional Saturday, as opposed to during the co-curricular period. All students are invited to join.
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    Non Traditional Family Alliance

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Massaro, Mr. Jacquet
    Student Leaders: Matthew Adjmi

    In this affinity group students will have a place where they can get all of their feelings out and relate to any issues they are having some at-home issues and can get advice.
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    P.O.C. (Affinity Group)

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Prescott
    Student Leaders: Kiara Hubbard, Mosab Hamid

    P.O.C. provides a safe environment where students of color can support and promote their differences. P.O.C. allows students to be frank and honest without feeling inhibited by the presence of people who don’t share the same identities and experiences. P.O.C. creates a space in the Berkeley Carroll school environment that is underrepresented by people of color. It offers a platform to help students develop a deeper sense of belonging. We strive to create opportunities for P.O.C. and the rest of the BC community to have honest, open conversations by planning periodic meetings during the school year that will be open to the rest of the BC community.
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    Philosophy Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Kohlmuller
    Student Leaders: Jack Baum, Lydia Doban and Ava Poon

    In Philosophy club, we will address a wide variety of topics that will prompt deep, intellectual thought. Topics can range from science to society to fictional works of any kind. Other activities include watching videos, reading articles, and member presentations. The main goal of this club is to take normal conversations to a more advanced and detailed level. This club is meant for people who are willing to voice their opinions and also for students who wish to listen and learn new items about philosophy.
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    Psychology Club

    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Kauffmann
    Student Leaders: Katrina Fuller, Jake Lamazor

    The Psychology Club is made up of students who are interested in human behavior, their own and others', as well as students who may want to study psychology in college or possibly become psychologists in the future. We have guest speakers on a variety of topics, watch movies and TV shows about OCD, therapy, hypnosis, etc., go on field trips, have spirited discussions and laugh a lot. Also, great snacks!
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    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Drezner and Mr. Hughes
    Student Leaders: Amanda Ennis, Jacob Boehm , Ari Brown, Chloe Shane, and Gemma Siegler

    REFLECTIONS is the annual magazine of literature and art of The Berkeley Carroll Upper School. Students meet weekly to discuss the magazines high standards, the soliciting of submissions, and their own writing in progress. In February, the editors chair small groups who read and critique anonymous submissions. After the preliminary critiques, the editors choose and edit the final selections and lay out the magazine. The striking artwork and writing in every magazine is all crafted by Berkeley Carroll Upper School students, occasionally to fulfill class assignments but always from the engines of their own creativity.
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    Faculty Advisors: James Chen
    Student Leaders:

    The robotics club meets three times a week (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) for about three hours. We focus on building vex robots for tournament competitions. This year we are building a robot that can throw stars and square bean bags over a fence.
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    Spectrum (Alliance)

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Massaro, Ms. Gunning
    Student Leaders:

    Spectrum is a space for and by students: we wish to create a safe space for students of all genders and sexualities. Spectrum is about confidentiality, open dialogue, advocacy, and snacks. Open to both allies and members of the community, our goal is to create a safe space, and to work towards making the entire school a safer space for LGBTQ+ people.
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    Strategic Games Club

    Faculty Advisors: Mr. Kwok
    Student Leaders: Jacob Pellett

    The strategic games club will allow for people who enjoy different kinds of games to play what they enjoy or try out new games. Strategic games club will feature games such as backgammon or Rummy. Strategic games provide lots of cognitive benefits, such as improved concentration and memory, problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and improved skills in reading, mathematics and other academic subjects. The goal is for students to be able to think more strategically in daily life as well as being able to play with a higher level of strategy in strategic games themselves.
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    Strength in Numbers

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Matthews, Mr. Budd
    Student Leaders: Darrell Pona, Sneha Punukollu, Ananda Sahihi

    “Strength in Numbers” is a co-curricular allowing students to select and participate in different service projects. The purpose of this club is to reach out to the other 50% of the world living in either poverty or in circumstances of struggle. Many students are interested in community work and have strong passion to help, but lack initiative and motivation to take action as an individual. This group gives students a chance to come together to make an impactful difference, while increasing their own global understanding through interaction and hands on work.
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    Tea Club

    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Heldring
    Student Leaders: Darrell Pona, Sneha Punukollu, Ananda Sahihi

    Our club is about tea, the origin of tea, how tea is made, the different types of tea, and more. This club will educate people about tea and help provide relaxation during the busy school week.
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    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Haber and Ms. Guptar
    Student Leaders: Co Editors-in-Chief: Handlie Pierrot, Lizzie Arthur, Aniris Cabral, Nysa Stiel; Business Editors - TBA; Senior Section Editors Amirah Winston; Photo Editor Giffin Cascarino

    Yearbook creatively captures the year's events, programs and high points at BCS. The book includes the arts, academics and sports as well as faculty, staff and students throughout the school. The book includes students from Pre-K through 12th grade, with a special section devoted to Seniors. If you like to take pictures, write, design, edit, or do business feel free to join yearbook.
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