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Financial Aid

Dear Families,

Berkeley Carroll is a creative and inclusive community where devoted teachers challenge and engage talented students from diverse cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious experiences and backgrounds.

As part of our commitment to this diversity, Berkeley Carroll provides need-based financial assistance, through TADS, a tuition management company, to qualified applicants. New since the 2015-2016 school year: We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our financial aid program to include Pre-K 4, the primary entry point into our Lower School. The change to our financial aid policy underscores our continued dedication to building the most inclusive community possible.

We encourage all interested families with children entering Pre-K 4 through grade 12 to apply for financial aid. Every application for financial assistance is given individual attention and handled with complete confidentiality.

Click on the link to find instructions for Applying for Financial Aid. A list of answers to many frequently asked questions can be found on the right side of this page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.

Beverly Reese
Director of Admissions,
Lower School

Vanessa Prescott
Director of Admissions,
Middle & Upper School

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Does Berkeley Carroll offer merit-based scholarships?

No. All financial aid awards are need based, though academic performance is a factor in selection.

How does Berkeley Carroll assess a family's need?

The primary tool is the financial aid application, which is processed by TADS (Tuition and Data Services). The application and supporting financial documents provide an objective picture of a family's finances and give the school a consistent measure of all applicants. TADS factors in other reasonable considerations in making its award recommendations. Cost of living, family size, assets, and indebtedness are all taken into consideration. Additionally, other obligations including elderly parent care and the cost of other children in tuition-charging schools will be considered.

Are financial aid awards automatically renewed or will we be required to reapply every year?

Although financial aid is never guaranteed year to year, the school is confident that should a family's financial situation remain consistent, then the school support will remain consistent as well. Families are required to reapply for aid every year and adjustments to aid awards are made based on the current year's financial picture. In planning for future years, it is important to remember that tuition increases every year, and even if the percentage of aid remains consistent for families, it is entirely possible that the expected contribution will increase as well. Please note that students who receive aid must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress and responsible citizenship.

What if there is only one working parent in a two-parent household?

In order to ensure equality in the evaluation process, the school will factor in the loss of potential income in a household in which all children are of school age. TADS will impute an income for the nonworking parent in its evaluation unless there are extenuating circumstances associated with the non-employment of one parent. Families must submit a detailed letter explaining the situation along with their financial aid application materials.

I already have a full-tuition paying child at Berkeley Carroll but I do not have resources for a younger sibling. What can I do?

When you file the admissions application for the younger child, submit a financial aid application for both children. When completing the TADS application, be sure to list all children at the school.

What if I have children at other tuition-charging schools?

Berkeley Carroll factors in the tuition costs at other K-12 schools in makings its award decisions. The school does require, however, that you apply for aid at the other schools as well. (Please note that college tuition is not factored into the analysis in the same manner as K-12 tuition.)

Does a request for financial aid negatively affect my child's admissions application?

Admissions decisions are made independently of decisions made by the Financial Aid Committee. Should the school not be able to meet the financial aid request of a family, they will be notified that they have been put on a financial aid waitlist in hopes that funds will become available.

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