The Berkeley Carroll School

Research & Advanced Study

Berkeley Carroll encourages students to develop their intellectual interests through research and advanced study. Here are some of the opportunities we offer


Forging interdisciplinary connections and expanding curricular choices in science has been a strong focus in all divisions of our school. Some examples:

  • We've partnered with NYU Tandon School of Engineering, in Downtown Brooklyn to offer a sequence of engineering design classes for Upper School students. The courses are taught by NYU professors on the NYU Tandon campus, and are based on the first year engineering class required of the university’s first-year students.
  • Our three-year Science Research and Design program enables 10th -12th grade students to understand the nature of science as a dynamic, changing field rather than a static body of knowledge. This highly selective program culminates in an original research project, either in-house or with an external mentor, and a scientific article that is published in Proceedings of the Berkeley Carroll Independent Research Conference, the program’s peer-reviewed journal. Each student in the program also presents at the school’s Science Research Conference held in the spring.
  • The Science and Math Departments joined forces to create Physical Applications of Calculus for 12th graders who have already taken physics and calculus (or are taking calculus concurrently). The course explores the ways in which calculus can be applied to the study of physics and to solving physical problems.

World Language and Academic Travel Programs

We've established partnerships with established programs and universities to provide challenging courses and travel experiences to complement our school programs. Opportunities for students include:

  • Language immersion-based travel opportunities at El Centro de Lenguas y Educacíon Intercultural in Granada, Spain, and Le Centre Méditerranéen d’Études Françaises in Cap d’Ail, France. All of our academic travel programs, including the language immersion programs in Spain and France as well as the community development programs to Tanzania and India, are linked with their own dedicated Spring Intensives. We treat our travel opportunities as academic programs rather than sightseeing tours.


  • The Senior Scholars program is a highly selective and demanding program for students who are interested in pursuing scholarly work in the humanities. Students develop their research skills and capacity for philosophical inquiry as they design and pursue a year-long independent project that culminates in a formal written paper and an accompanying public oral presentation. Recent topics include the adverse effects of aid to West Africa, the politics of oppression as viewed through the War on Drugs, American housewives and the space race, and the otherizing and commodification of black female sexuality.
  • Berkeley Carroll's award-winning student magazine of literature and art, Reflections, offers students a prestigious outlet for their creative work.

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