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The 3rd Annual Berkeley Carroll STEAM Fair will take place February 11, 2017. The STEAM Fair is sold out but you can still register to volunteer here.

The BC STEAM Fair provides opportunities for Berkeley Carroll's students and families to engage in hands-on activities so that they may explore, experiment, discover, design and create. In an atmosphere of fun, students experience science, technology, engineering and math. Activities are suitable for anyone from ages 3 and up.

NOTE: The STEAM Fair is only open to BC families and alums

2017 Featured Activities

Nerdy Derby

Participants will design and construct their very own miniature car, which they will be able to race on a prefabricated race track. They will be challenged to bring their "creativity, cleverness and ingenuity" as they problem solve.

To learn more about Nerdy Derby, please visit the company's Facebook, Twitter or Vimeo pages.


Make your own smoothies using only your foot power. Hop on a bike and pedal to convert energy into delicious smoothies!

More 2017 Activities

  • Architecture & Arches: Explore, design and build arches or create your own architectural wonder with input from professional architects.
  • Catapult: Apply engineering principles to design and build catapults using popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and glue.
  • Coding: Learn how to code from Middle School experts using HOPSCOTCH
  • Construction: Design and construct structures made either with dowels and rubber bands or toothpicks and marshmallows.
  • Crochet Coral Reef Project: Inspired by the recent Crochet Coral Reef exhibition at the Museum of Art & Design, we’ll explore the connection between Math & Crochet/Knitting. Participants can crochet objects, explore crocheted objects and explore the math of crochet/knitting.
  • DNA Extraction: Come be a lab technician and learn how to easily extract DNA from cells. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a complex molecule found in all living organisms. Extracting (taking out) DNA is one of the first steps in analyzing DNA in a lab.
  • Electronics: Explore basic electronics by assembling and operating a BrushBot.
  • Fibonacci Art: Use Fibonacci numbers to create art in the style of Piet Mondrian and add music to figure out the long and short beats in music.
  • Floating a boat: Problem solve how to design, create, and keep afloat a boat made of milk carton. Then how can you make it move faster?
  • Kaleidoscope: Learn and explore how to create your own kaleidoscope using paper tubes and gem stones.
  • Knitting: Learn basic knitting while gaining an appreciation for the art, science and math involved.
  • Magnetic Slime: Explore movement and magnetism in this hands-on activity.
  • Marble Run: Design your own Marble Run. Fun and challenging.
  • Marshmallow/GumDrop Cube Challenge: Can you follow patterns to create cube structures using marshmallows, toothpicks, and your prediction skills?
  • Night Light in a Jar: Design and create a night light using a variety of materials.
  • Origami & Modular Paper Sculpture: Perfect the ancient art of folding paper or create modular paper sculpture from cut paper.
  • PancakeBot Demonstration: The PancakeBot™ is the world’s first food printer capable of printing pancakes by automatically dispensing batter directly onto a griddle. Kids can choose their own pancake designs (animals, places, characters)!
  • Pickling: Learn different ways to create pickles and watch osmosis in action.
  • Pixel Art with Perler Beads: From Seurat to Sega, images comprised of dots of color have wowed the art and gaming worlds. Come create your own pixel art using perler beads. Follow a pattern or design your own!
  • Programming: Have fun while learning and exploring the complexities of programming a Sphero ball.
  • Puzzle Palace: Care to stop by and try your hand at a logic puzzle? Eighth grade puzzle connoisseurs will help you solve them.
  • PVC Launcher: Construct your own PVC Marshmallow Launcher.
  • Robotics: Join the BCS Robotic team as they demonstrate a competition robot, teach you how to program a robotic arm, and operate a Claw Bot while playing Capture the Flag with robots.
  • Sculpture: Design and create wire sculptures.
  • Terrariums: Design and create your own eye-catching succulent garden in a jar. Get tips for keeping your garden alive and well.
  • Two-Dimensional Nim: challenge a partner to play a variation on the age-old game of strategy.
  • Water Xylophone: Explore musical pitches by filling beakers with water to create a chromatic scale. In the process play some of your favorite melodies with the flick of a mallet. (Patterned after former BC teacher, Pat Friedman’s pre-school project of the same name.)
  • Wind Tunnel Challenge: Build and fly parachutes in a wind tunnel.
  • Virtual Reality Demonstration - Park Walk: "Park Walk is a nostalgic virtual reality experience that encourages users to embrace a spirit of childhood rebelliousness and mischief. From within a child’s stroller, the user is tempted by colorful distractions and scolded by an exasperated adult as they create a mess and resist an impending nap time. Created for the HTC Vive."
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