The Berkeley Carroll School

Libraries & Technology

The world of technology is changing faster than ever, and the quickening pace can make technology instruction seem daunting. Members of the Technology and Library Departments at our three campus facilities strive to counter this by helping students and faculty develop the skills to use many different types of digital resources, the means to choose the best tool to solve a problem, and the ability to adapt confidently to new technology. Faculty members, both in and out of the Technology and Library Departments, use technology to help students collaborate, learn about diverse perspectives and cultures, and think critically about their world.

iPad Initiative

Every student in grades 3 through 12 is issued an iPad, equipping them with the technological skills they need. The iPad facilitates many of our curricular initiatives, helping our students collaborate, use digital research resources, and synthesize and display findings in presentations.

Lower School

The 712 Carroll Street Library serves PreK and Kindergarten students and teachers. Parents are frequent visitors as well, taking out books with and for their children. This top-floor, bright space is stocked with books geared to the interests of our youngest students.

The 701 Carroll Street Library consists of several smaller spaces, now known as “Hubs.” These innovative spaces house the library collection, leveled books for classroom use, circulating library, and many technological resources for 1st through 4th grades. The Hubs provide small spaces for independent student work as well as collaborative work, and are stocked with books and resources appropriate to the grade levels in closest proximity. Among the small spaces is the STEAM Hub, created as a place for students and teachers to learn, create, and collaborate using technology, and is a new envisioning of the functions and objectives of a library.

Middle School & Upper School

The Middle and Upper School Library is configured to allow for greater flow of students and faculty through the space and to incorporate the Knowledge Bar which is staffed by three to four Library and Technology Department members. At the Knowledge Bar, students and faculty can check out books, laptops, iPads, digital cameras, and all other technology and library items, and receive support with the Library’s digital and print resources as well as assistance with their own digital devices and programs. With the Knowledge Bar, the collaboration between the Library and Technology Departments becomes more clear and immediate.

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