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Wall Street Journal Features Student & Teacher Working with Gene Editing
Wall Street Journal Features Student & Teacher Working with Gene Editing

Kian S. '18 and Upper School Science Teacher Essy Levy Sefchovich are featured in a Wall Street Journal article about Crispr, a new gene-editing technique that has "electrified scientists around the world."

The Upper School junior is learning about Crispr in a class at Genspace in Brooklyn, which he is taking with Ms. Sefchovich, for his BC independent Science Research and Design project. Ms. Sefchovich hopes to find a way to incorporate Crispr into her class at BC.

From the article:

"When Mr. Sadeghi first wanted to try Crispr, the teenager emailed 20 scientists asking if they would be willing to let him learn Crispr in their labs. Most didn't respond; those that did turned him down. So he did a Google search and stumbled upon Genspace (a Brooklyn community lab).

When he shared the lead with his science teacher at the Berkeley Carroll School in Brooklyn, Essy Levy Sefchovich, she agreed to take the course with him.

Ms. Sefchovich ... is hoping to create a modified version of the yeast experiment so all her students can try Crispr in class.

Later, Mr. Sadeghi recounts that the hardest part of the day was handling the micropipette, the lab tool he used to mix small amounts of liquid. He says he still feels clumsy.

Ms. Sefchovich reassures him he'll get the hang of it; he just needs to practice.

'It's like driving,' she tells him. 'You learn the right feel.' Mr. Sadeghi doesn't have his driver's license yet. He figures he'll do Crispr first."

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