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BC Seniors to Present at Science Research and Design Symposium
BC Seniors to Present at Science Research and Design Symposium
Twenty-seven upper schoolers will speak about their original scientific research on Saturday, April 22 and Saturday, May 6 at the sixth annual Science Research and Design Symposium. The events will be held at 152 Sterling Pl. and will start at 11 a.m. on both days.

In the highly selective, three-year Science Research and Design program, 10th-12th grade students conduct original scientific research and become experts in a field of study, writing their own essential questions and gaining a deep understanding of the dynamic, evolving nature of science. The goal of the program is for students to experience scientific research as scientists do.

Presentation Schedule

April 22

Session 1: Social Science

  • Nat D. '17 - Changes In Instant and Delayed Gratification by Age
  • Alessandro G. '17 - Happiness at Berkeley Carroll: The Effect of Age and Academics on Happiness in Middle and High School Students
  • Rachel G. '17 - Does Prompted or Unprompted Journaling Have an Impact on Positive and Negative Mood
  • Ananda S. '17 - Mood and Good - A Study of Nutritional Psychiatry
  • Lauren T. '17 - Testing Self-Segregation in the Berkeley Carroll Community

Session 2: Health & Wellness

  • Jacob B. '17 - An Assessment of HIV Education at Berkeley Carroll and the Biomarker Study
  • Dmitry P. '17 - Effectiveness of Current Teaching Methods of First Aid Education
  • Alice L. '17 - Is There a Correlation Between Frequency of Handwashing and Sickness at BC?

Session 3/4: The Brain

  • Joseph A. '17 - The Effect of Mood on Memory: Using Movie Clips as Arousing Tools
  • Emily G. '17 - Growing Cerebellar Neurons to Study the Efficacy of Cerebellar Transplantation on Restoring Motor Deficits in Patients with Cerebellar Hypoplasia
  • Darrell P. '17 - Life in Color: Increasing Informational Retention Rates Using Blue Font
  • Dayna W. '17 - Physiological Responses in Art

May 6

Session 1: Energy & Engineering

  • Miles S-S. '17 - Renewable Energy Production and Alternative Energy Sources
  • Luis A. '17 - Economic Viability of Solar PV at the Berkeley Carroll School
  • Arian P. '17 - Magnetic Levitation: Can It Be Affected by the Size of the Magnet?
  • Luis P. '17 - Powering Wireless Sensors by Harnessing Vibrations from 181 Lincoln Place
  • Xabi M. '17 - Simulating the Transit Method for Locating Exoplanets

Session 2: Cellular Bio

  • Kellen P.C. '17 - Molecular Biology Techniques in the Classroom: Site Directed Mutagenesis of the Green Fluorescent Protein
  • Toluwani R. '17 - Analysis of Methodologies Applied to Direct the Differentiation of Stem Cells for Use In Vivo
  • Sneha P. '17 - Geometric Analysis of Three-Way Junctions

Session 3/4: Sports

  • Olivia A-C. '17 - The Effects of Anxiety on Athletic Performance
  • Leah R. '17 - Race and Fouls: Is There Racist Bias in Number of Fouls Allocated to Players of Color?
  • Albert R. '17- Are High School Soccer Players more Likely to Be Injured with Increased Playing Time?
  • Liam C. '17 - Making a Multiple Regression Mathematical Model to Predict the UEFA Champions League, Annually
  • Grace M. '17 - The Effects of Fidgeting on Comprehension and Concentration
  • Dean R. '17 - Mental Toughness On and Off the Court, Field and Rink

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